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Erdogan Admits He is Engaging in War Against Syria

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Erdogan has admitted that he is invading Syria to depose Assad’s government. We reported back on August 25th, 2016 that this was the most likely outcome of his invasion on August 24th. Indeed, August has been the time for starting war. Joe Biden went to Ankara last week on a mission to repair U.S.-Turkey relations, but actually endorsed Turkey’s “Operation Euphrates Shield.” He also claimed that the U.S. provided air power. Obama may lack the support to invade Syria, but he has not given up his quest to create a Middle East War before he leaves office. If he can create a war now, Trump will be saddled with the crisis when he has said no to nation-building ventures like this one.

Given the fact Putin began bombing in support of Syria precisely to the day of the ECM, this highlighted that Syria will be a key focal point for this ECM wave and the War Cycle. So pay attention.