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Market Talk – October 31, 2016

An extremely quiet start to what has potential to be an explosive week. Asia was the first market to react to the FBI story that broke over the weekend and after [...]

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Private Blog Update for Gold

Gold Update for the Close of [...]

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Hillary Clinton - 19

Rudy Giuliani Explains Comey Told Congress Hillary did Commit a Crime

This is really not political. The statue involved only requires negligence, not intent. Comey before Congress told them (1) Hillary was grossly negligent and (2) [...]

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Chicago Tribune Calls for Hillary to Step Down

Headine:  Democrats should ask Clinton to step aside I fully agree from my “opinion” perspective that Hillary is a disgrace and she should step aside [...]

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Obama Blocks Comey to stop getting Search Warrant – Weiner Grants Waiver

Normally, for the FBI to get a search warrant it takes less than 1 hour. Obama and Lynch of the DOJ were blocking Comey and the FBI from getting search warrants to [...]

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Obama & Lynch Try to Block Comey While Agents will Leak Everything if Comey Yields

According to reliable sources, there may be several hundred thousand emails on Weiner’s laptop that are copies of Hillary’s emails she withheld and [...]

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Colosseum Severus Alexander

A 6.6 Earthquake Hits Northwest of Rome

Our models have been showing a rising trend for earthquakes in several key positions. They too are cyclical in nature and as such can also be forecast. The [...]

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Comey-James FBI-Portrait

Will Hillary be Indicted in 2017? Cycles Look Like that is the Outcome!

Justice officials Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates disagreed with FBI Director James Comey’s decision to notify Congress [...]

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Earthquake Due in Italy?

  There has been a rise in earthquake activity in the vicinity of Rome. It appears this is starting to intensify once [...]

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