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Rudy Giuliani Explains Comey Told Congress Hillary did Commit a Crime

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This is really not political. The statue involved only requires negligence, not intent. Comey before Congress told them (1) Hillary was grossly negligent and (2) she outright lied. I “believe” Comey’s hands were tied and he was not allowed to “recommend” an indictment of Hillary. So he told Congress using the very careful words of the Statute that she effectively committed a felony. This has been a political white-wash and to elect Hillary will unleash an unbelievable amount of chaos in Washington. This will ultimately destroy whatever respect for government still exists. This is the prerequisite for the decline and fall and the Democrats are more in the pocket of the Clinton Inc. machine than they are for defending the people and the integrity of the nation.

When they do not prosecute police for some of these outrageous murders of citizens, it had diminished the respect for ALL police. When they covered up priests for child molestation, it generated an image of all priests in the mind of many. If you do not prosecute the wrong-doing and and turn a blind eye, you undermine the entire system. The Democrats are betraying the people and the country by allowing this insanity to continue.