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Obama & Lynch Try to Block Comey While Agents will Leak Everything if Comey Yields

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According to reliable sources, there may be several hundred thousand emails on Weiner’s laptop that are copies of Hillary’s emails she withheld and deleted claiming they were personal. There is a deep feud within the FBI who believe Hillary should have been indicted. It appears that Comey’s hand was forced by the threat of FBI agents leaking information that would show the FBI yielded to political pressure from Obama, the Democratic Party, and Clinton campaign to keep all relevant material out of the public eye until after the election. It is clear that Hillary should just step aside for her country. If elected, she would be embattled for years with investigations, impeachment motions, and corruption investigations. She would get nothing done anyhow. The pressure from Obama and DOJ Lynch, is very political to say the least. It demonstrates that their politics comes before the law, ethics, God, and country.