“Cry ‘Havoc !’ and Let Slip the Dogs of War”

Dogs or War Rome

COMMENT: Mr Armstrong; I am a reformed goldbug who was naive to put it mildly but my wife called it stupidity. You have been correct and they have been wrong but that is just the surface. What you have opened my eyes to is the cyclical nature of everything around us. Not just markets, you have revealed your works applies across the spectrum from gold, stocks, politics, to war.

Thank you for the education. It has saved my marriage and my family’s future. I believe these people are evil who lure the unsuspecting with delusional promises that never prove to be reliable.


REPLY: Cycles are how energy moves. This is the divine mechanism that dictates everything from the planets revolving around the sun to our solar system revolving around the universe once every 25,800 years — the Precession of the Equinoxes. Only a fool refuses to comprehend the world around him.

President Franois Hollande was the first to speak of an “act of war” against France to justify calling for a state of emergency and to strengthen border controls. Yesterday, numerous heads of state at the G20 summit saw a solidarity as the German President Joachim Gauck also spoke of a war. The dogs of war were unleashed with this siege of Paris. The danger now is that the uneducated Christians will begin to clash with Muslims without understanding the difference between them and ISIS.

And yes — they really did use dogs in war. Archaeologists believe that humans have been using dogs in warfare since the animals were first domesticated more than 15,000 years ago. The first actual written record of using dogs in war dates back to Lydia in modern day Turkey, where coins were invented. The first ruler, Alyattes, reportedly had his soldiers turn packs of dogs loose on Cimmerian troops in a battle sometime around 600 BC, which was very effective against cavalry according to contemporary sources.


France Shutting Down Prepaid Debt Cards


France is using the terror attack as the excuse now to shut down pre-paid debt cards. Terrorists can circumvent any restriction. It is like gun control. Criminal do not buy guns at a store. Like drugs, they are readily available on the streets. Regulations only impact honest people just like debt cads or whatever. I sent a Xmas give to a friend in Germany last year and they thanked me but added please do not send me anything else. They have to go to customs, wait in in line, and then pay a tax to receive just a gift.

Berlin WEC About to Begin



We are sorry that we could not add more seats or hold additional sessions. Princeton was above our preferred size reaching 600 and Berlin we are sold out at 400. We just could not accommodate more clients. We apologize for being unable to hold more sessions.

Thatcher v Euro – Was She a Prophet?

Thatcher knew the Euro would fail and stated bluntly that the “government believes in the pound sterling”.

“We had arguments which might persuade both the Germans – who would be worried about the weakening of anti-inflation policies – and the poorer countries – who must be told that they would not be bailed out of the consequences of a single currency, which would therefore devastate their inefficient economies.”



QUESTION: As a long time follower since 1980 you always stressed time was more important than price.

Your benchmark time points stress time yet you still picked price can you explain?


ANSWER: Yes, we give projections for the ideal targets, but they are broad in one way and when geared with time they can be more reliable. But as in the Dow, there were three 18500, 23000 and 40,000. If this was the end of a bull cycle, then the 18500 would be sufficient. However, we still have time so that means we should look at the next target.

Time-6Technical projections will be provided at the specific time target. TIME is the main issue ALWAYS. There is a TIME for everything. When we reach the Benchmarks, it will not matter if the low in gold will be $902, $875, or $680.

When TIME runs out that is it. That is always the key issue. PRICE is secondary.