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Schwab Getting Desperate? Martin Armstrong Agenda Contributor at WEF

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WEF Martin Armstrong

OK. I cannot even count the emails coming in on this one.  It seems Schwab has found someone with the same name but is just a journalist, and he has been sending this out to everyone. Look. I began our WEC in 1985. Schwab started his WEF in 1987. Marcus Vetter did the film on me, so Schwab called him and paid him to do a film on him. This has been a back-and-forth ordeal for a long time.

Socrates has been very clear. This New World Order will fail. They also think that they can conquer Russia without a nuke. They have been doing everything possible to try to overthrow Putin and actually think, as always, the people will cheer and give them a ticker-tape parade for saving them. They assumed the same scenario in Iraq, Lybia, and Syria. They really think that they walk on water.

I see international war unfolding, probably post-2024 into 2028. I do not see Schwab’s dream of a New World Order and this one-world economy ever coming off. He will try, no doubt. But we are looking at the collapse of sovereign government debt starting in Europe.