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We are Watching the Demise of Politics As We Have Known It

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The Republican Party tried its best to destroy Donald Trump. Like the French Royalty, they learned nothing and have merely tried to retain power by blocking out the rising storm of the people they consider the Great Unwashed. The Democrats are no better. They have the audacity to push Hillary in our face and ignore that the Clintons cut the chains that bound the bankers and then served them students on a golden platter while denying their right to declare bankruptcy on bankers.


The Republicans have been unable to crush Trump, yet they still do not get the message nor does the mainstream press. Trump has tapped into the anti-politician sentiment that has been rising and both the Republicans and Democrats will most likely explode like an over inflated balloon. Both are ignore the people; they assume that this is a passing phase and that they can get back to screwing the public as usual.
Party politics is dying because they have sold their soul to the investment bankers and K Street. They attack anyone who dares to hold them to their promises and they wage outright against any organization who dares to object like the Tea Party, Heritage Action for America, Club For Growth, the Madison Project, etc. They have outright blackballed any press or political consultant who works for outsiders and does not preach the party’s mantra.
We are witnessing the end of party politics, and yet they do not understand that they are in the final death throe stage. They assume the people will get over this period and fail to comprehend that a new generation is coming into voting power whom has been severely deprived of their rights, liberties, and pursuit of happiness, thanks to politicians’ incessant greed of selling themselves to the highest bidder at the expense of the people.


Marine-Le-PenThey use every excuse to grab more and more power. President Hollande of France now wants to amend the Constitution declaring — “France is at war.” Do you permanently change a Constitution for a temporary issue? Hollande announced a review of the Constitution and a legislative and security arsenal to strengthen the fight against the Islamic state and their continued air strikes in Syria. Hollande called on Monday to amend the Constitution to fight potential terrorists at home and for an aggressive effort to “eradicate” the Islamic State abroad. Nearly 300 searches were conducted since Sunday that are not related to the investigation into Friday’s attacks, but concern the radical Islamist movement. However, these measures are designed to also boost his popularity, given that he would have lost had he stood for election before the attacks on Pen.