When will the Great Unwashed Wake Up?

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COMMENT: Now that it is painfully clear , there is no law in the United States, my question would be how long before the great unwashed, realize this ? I understand Socrates, is looking into 2024 , in the panic cycle increasing . What I see coming , are the populations of the world finally coming to the realization this fact , “ the legal system “ no longer exists & masses will reject it en mass , at which point all hell will break loose , and those carrying out the persecution of innocents, will pay for their treachery in blood .

What I find staggering is the fact that ,a group of psychopaths could take us to this point , and nobody stood up to stop them . As we will see going forward, is how the “ white hats “ or simply good people , will feel tremendous guilt for standing by and not speaking out (again) or taking action ,to protect their paycheque, rather than taking the right and just ,action to prevent this madness .
Then again ,this is of no concern to the psychopath state , for they have already proved to their, sick cabal , once ( from the COVID experiment) that the masses will do nothing , even as their loved ones are killed off , with poison. Injections.

REPLY: Unfortunately, this is all part of the cycle of the rise and fall of civilization. Once you hand someone power, it changes them, and they will act in their own self-interest to always expand that power. Our computer has projected that there will be a Directional Change in 2022, and it will begin in 2023. They realize that they are losing power. This is why they are becoming desperate. Just 30 years ago, they at least pretended to be ethical. Today, they do not care. It is like someone who stole $20 from you, and you knew but said nothing. They come back and took another $50, but you said nothing. Then they come back a take $1,000, and suddenly you get mad and ask why? You never cared before?

We have virtually every conflict in our database since ancient times. These forecasts are NOT my personal opinion. Socrates is by far the most sophisticated and accurate Artificial intelligence system on the planet. That’s why all the powers tune in. Personally, I am ready for Scotty to beam me up. I have had a psychic write-in and say I am some old soul, and I volunteered for this. My reply is I must have been drunk, or I misunderstood. This is NOT my opinion against someone else. Sorry! Here are just five models from five important events, and they are ALL projecting targets from mid-2024 until January 2026.

I laid out at our 2011 WEC in Philadelphia that it would all start in 2014. Our computer even projected it would begin in Ukraine. On December 3rd, 2013, I warned that Ukraine was the place to watch. Let’s get real here. The West did instigate the civil war in Syria. That was to help Qatar get a pipeline through Syria to Europe to compete with Russia. That was the whole issue and Obama’s agenda. The Neocons have been trying to cut off Russia’s energy sales in hopes that it would collapse. This is why they targeted Ukraine since the pipelines to Europe go through Ukraine. They blew up Nord Stream Pipeline, which is why Victoria Nuland ran to Neger because the deal was they rook out Nord Stream; Germany said nothing because an alternative deal was struck with Nigeria to bring a pipeline for gas from there to Europe. It had to go through Niger the same, and the one from Qatar had to go through Syra.

The Neocons do not care that Russia is capitalist. Communists collapsed. That does not matter. Instead of creating world peace, and there would be this huge “peace dividend” when Russia fell, that was all undermined by the Neocons. They are evil psychopaths intent on dominating the world precisely as Khrushchev had threatened. The Neocons are just evil people. Inside EVERY country, there are ALWAYS people who are pro-government and anti-government. Not all Russians and Chinese agree with their governments any more than all Americans believe Biden.



Well, Khrushchev was removed from office because he destabilized the world. He is dead, but the Neocons in the West were all fired up and have refused to stand down. Watch the movie the courier, and you will see that the dissent inside Russia warned the West all about Cuba – it was not our intelligence agencies.

On June 25, 2020BEFORE the 2020 election, we posted that the election would be manipulated and that Trump should have won. Still, our computer was warning he would probably lose since our geopolitical models showed it could not be Trump starting wars. We will not even make it to the November 2024 elections. This corruption will lead to a turn in the entire world economy post-May 7/8th, 2024. The 2020 election took place on November 3rd, 2020 (2020.841).

Our Rubicon Moment currently may very well be 2023.981 – December 24th. Julius Caesar struck his Rubicon Coinage with the image of an elephant crushing a dragon-headed snake representing the corrupt Senate. Cicero was one of the oligarchs, so he put out the fake news to support their corrupt seizure of the Senate exactly as we see today. History repeats because human nature never changes.

The political storm clouds are gathering. Perhaps this will be our political Christmas gift to the world so they see America as not much different than a banana republic. Maybe that is why Biden is flooding the country with illegal aliens with their hand out for welfare and will give them the right to vote. Democrats in Texas are already proposing that illegal aliens should have a right to vote as long as it is for them. This is an economic war for the United States’ very survival as we know it. These people wage wars, draft our children to die for their vendettas, and pretend this is democracy. We are NEVER asked – should we wage war – Yes or No? We have no say in a Republic. It is still a dictatorship.

However, this is also an incredible opportunity. Our present form of republican governments worldwide that pretend we live in a democracy is coming to an end. It is time to begin thinking about what form of new government we create and, just for once, realize that handing power to anyone corrupts their very soul. There MUST be term limits, and any sort of social manipulation can NEVER be allowed. Rome had peace for 1,000 years, NOT because it was one government, but because everyone benefited. Each province was able to sell its goods throughout the empire. There were no trade barriers or attempts to manipulate society for some fictional equality.



FREE TRADE created peace. When everyone benefits from free trade, there is no war. When Russia could sell into the US economy, as did China, it benefits their people who do not want their livelihoods disrupted. When we put on sanctions thinking it will cause the people to rise up and overthrow their government, they are not stupid. They know it is NOT their government – it is the United States and Europe who have become the new dictators of the world. This parody of the sanctions on Russia has a point. By shutting down world trade, we encourage international war.

The stupidity of the human race is legendary.



Those in power reading this, you will lose. You have NEVER won even once in history. Think hard before you challenge history. Shakespeare’s line about the lawyers needs clarification. Only the King was allowed to have lawyers. They were effectively prosecutors like those going after Trump, who are so stupid to think the other side will not retaliate and do the same. The people will always rise up and hang the oppressors in government. It is time to stop this cycle of bloodshed and realize your quest for a totalitarian state will not materialize, and that goes for your cheerleader – Klaus Schwab. Those in power will own nothing, and I doubt you will be happy. Stop this insanity and wake up. Russia had a bloodless revolution in 1991. Let’s do the right thing. Schwab is preaching Communism all over again – OPEN YOUR DAMN EYES!