Syria – Pipeline – How The Press Will Not Tell the Truth about Syria

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With all the attacks upon Trump as having some covert connection with Putin to defeat Hillary when nothing hacked from the DNC was ever said to have been faked or altered, just released, one must wonder has this suddenly influenced Trump to attack Syria to prove he is not in league with Putin? If the military advisors are telling him it is Syria who has launched a chemical attack, he really should tread very lightly. This 180 degree turn for Trump may indeed be a trap.

Back in December 2015, I explained what Syria was all about and why the Obama Administration wanted to invade to help Qatar get a pipeline through Syria to compete with Russia selling gas to Europe. I explained there were two pipelines one approved by Russia from Iran through Syria and the other Obama agreed to with Qatar also through Syria. The American press supported Obama by trying to make everyone believe Obama cared about innocent civilians being gassed. Nothing was further from the truth and the US was supplying the weapons to rebels who were slaughtering people and throwing them in mass graves. Obama turned a blind eye because the pipeline was more important than people in Syria.

Finally, after more than one year from when I reported the real truth behind Syria, the Australian Press has now broke the story. The question is why now? It seems the media will now switch the focus and claim Trump is the one doing this for the pipeline now that their favorite son, Obama, is out of the picture. Mainstream media is out to defeat Trump. That is what they are directed to do from their big corporate owners who Dan Rather exposed in 2008, but now defends the press as being honest and real and the devil is Trump claiming they are fake.

Interesting how they can hide the story to help Obama and then flip the same story to attack Trump. It looks like Trump is falling prey to being set up to think this is really about chemical weapons and saving people. Sorry – that was all BS. The evidence came out that it was the rebels supported by Obama who were using the chemical weapons. Investigations revealed that back in 2013, they used sarin gas – not the Syrian government.

The proposed gas pipeline from Qatar via Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria and Turkey to Europe.

Pipeline from Iran via Iraq and Syria to Europe.