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The NATO Crisis Pushing Us into War

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NATO 7 2023 Zelensky


I have been very busy with the whole NATO meeting and questions coming in from important sources. Fortunately, there are some who are looking at our model’s forecast. NATO has stated that while Ukraine can join the military alliance, that will only happen “when allies agree and conditions are met.” Zelensky, who I have ZERO respect for and who I see as nothing more than a war criminal and a profiteer allowing his country to be destroyed.



All of this so he can enter his dream deal with Blackrock to create the “biggest” investment opportunity in European history. Zelensky has continually criticized the “absurd” delay in joining NATO when the rules are unambiguous – NATO cannot accept any member who is at war. Zelensky cares nothing about the world – just the annihilation of Russia.



Zelensky who only wears army clothing to psychologically present that Ukraine is at war and will never dress as a head of state should. FDR and Churchill never dressed like that nor did Tony Blair or Bush. Everything he does is a psychological tactic to get money. Zelensky has refused to accept the rules of NATO that Ukraine cannot join while it is at war with Russia. My Ukrainian sources are viewing Zelensky for what he is – a despicable profiteer and an actor. Before he was president, he did not claim to be Jewish. He joked about confiscating the property of Jews. His children were baptized and were not raised Jewish. Just another lie in his thirst for profiteering.

Zelensky has destroyed Ukraine all for a land grab of territory that has historically been Russian for centuries. The hatred of Russians would only lead to genocide if Ukraine got its hands on the Donbas. Proof of that statement was the massacre of Russians in Odessa in 2014 which began the entire separatist movement. Quebec wanted to separate from Canada. They did not launch a civil war and begin bombing citizens in Quebec. The Donbas had a basic human right to decide their own fate while the Ukrainians did the same to separate from Russia.



Meanwhile, NATO clearly wants the war to continue while pretending they are not waging war directly against Russia. This is why they are also sticking to the rules to prevent Ukraine from joining NATO. Nevertheless, they are providing Ukraine with everything a NATO member would get except “official” NATO troops on the ground. We know that NATO troops are there, just without insignia to pretend they are mercenary troops – not sanctioned by NATO.

NATO North Atlantic Terror Organization

NATO has agreed to begin an F-16 training program in Europe in August to train Ukrainian pilots on the warplanes that the Ukrainians will use to invade both Russia as well as Crimea. Clearly, NATO is under the control of the Neocons and they are hoping for an excuse to justify World War III to conquer Russia while asking China to please wait patiently in line for their turn. They know this is crossing the line to provoke Russia. NATO is sacrificing the Ukrainian people for their end goal – the total destruction of Russia. This is why I call them the North Atlantic Terror Organization. All they care about is war – not the people of Europe or America where we are to sacrifice not just our children for their warmongering, but the future of the entire world economy.

As a result, Putin has responded by sending an ultimatum to NATO that handing any F-16s to Ukraine would now be considered a “nuclear threat” since they are capable of delivering B61 nuclear bombs and Ukrainians are simply irresponsible itching to engulf the entire world in war. Russia has for the first time upgraded the threat meaning that if F-16s are delivered to Ukraine, this will automatically activate their nuclear deterrence doctrine. The hardliners in Russia are screaming for they fully know the objectives of the American Neocons and handing F-16s to Ukraine will subject Russia to the risk of a surprise nuclear attack.


Upon returning from the NATO meeting, Biden immediately call in all in selected reserves and other individuals for active duty. The unspoken outcome of the NATO meeting is that they simply want war and the Donbas is merely the excuse to justify the conquest of Russia – the Neocon dream for decades. We are preparing for war and as I said, the Neocons are deeply afraid of Trump or anyone else coming into the White House. They will need to start a war using some false flag trying to provoke Russia for they know Biden is toast. The scuttlebutt is that no president has ever lost an election in a time of war.

Zelensky has called for the suspension of elections while the war continues. So he has no incentive to seek peace which is why he told the Pope not to seek peace and NATO needs to claim that a nuclear attack of any sort on Ukraine will be a threat to the EU so that will bypass the whole NATO membership issue.

War Cycle 2019

You can see that our international war model which was published back in 2019 has been targeting 2023 for years. This is what many in strategic positions have been inquiring about. The outcome is not going to be favorable to Western Civilization. But the Neocons have full control of the White House and NATO itself. The only European leader cautioning following the United States has been Macron in France.

Zelensky will go down in the history books along with Hitler and a few others. We are to lose our future, that of our children all for Neocons’ and Ukraine’s rabid hated of Russians?