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Why Ukraine Must Lose to Save the World

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Zelensky Pope

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, I originally thought you were just a Putin supporter. Yet as time has gone by, it is becoming very clear that you are correct and that Zelensky is waging this war for the West to conquer Russia. His meeting with the Pope and rejecting his offer to mediate clearly established he will not seek peace. Are we headed into a nuclear war? Did Ukraine really shoot down a Russian hypersonic missile?



ANSWER: There is a major problem with Ukraine’s claims of shooting down a barrage of supersonic missiles. This cannot be confirmed independently and Ukraine is notoriously always putting out fake news typically to get more money. The incentive to create this type of fake news is that Western countries who have been supporting Ukraine are concerned that the military support for Kiev may soon peak as they run out of funds. There is concern that funds for Ukraine will be curtailed ahead of the 2024 presidential election in the United States, the Financial Times recently reported. The Neocons are desperately trying to create World War III before the 2024 election. They are fighting against any cutbacks for Ukraine. This has highlighted that European officials now are increasingly concerned about the flow of aid next year as the US enters a divisive presidential campaign.

According to the FT, Washington has been Kiev’s major source of military aid. US officials interviewed by the newspaper say the remaining funds preapproved by Congress could sustain Ukraine for about another five months. Western officials in regular contact with the US over Ukraine told the FT that Washington sees that period of time as the last real chance for Kiev to change the situation on the ground. There is a twist. That is the debt ceiling and funds would stop flowing after June 1st unless Biden yields on his insane agenda.

European official told the FT newspaper “We can’t keep the same level of assistance forever.”  Politico reported earlier that only $6 billion of the original $48 billion military aid package that the US had approved previously is all that is left. Without Congressional approval, US aid to Ukraine will be finished by mid-summer.

This claim of shooting down every supersonic missile just does not ring true and it would be typical of Ukraine to boast in order to keep the money flowing. Ukraine’s air defenses conveniently claim that they shot down “[a]ll 18 missiles were destroyed by the forces and means of air defense of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.” We must be cautious about claims during war for the first causality is ALWAYS the truth, especially when this claim comes at the precise moment when the funds may end in a few weeks.

Zelensky War Criminal

Meanwhile, Zelensky is the WAR CRIMINAL here as are our Western leaders. The real war criminals are the leaders who instigate war. You are correct about his meeting with the Pope was all for a theatrical display. Zelensky stated that he saw no sense in trying to involve Russia in a dialogue at this stage. He rejected the Pope’s offer to mediate He said:

“One cannot make a mediation with Putin. He just knows how to kill. It is not a question of the Vatican, Latin America or China.”

Zelensky’s statement shows the hatred of the majority of Ukrainian people toward Russians. He cares nothing for all the Ukrainians who have fled to other countries. He cares nothing for all the Ukrainians dying. Alessandro Di Battista, an Italian journalist, and former lawmaker, reported on Zelensky’s European tour visiting several European countries showed that he was only interested in getting more weapons, not peace.



“Zelensky went on a tour to get ammunition. The only thing he’s after is weapons because he’s not interested in peace,” Di Battista was quoted as saying by the Adnkronos news agency. In addition, Zelensky’s wife, Yelena Zelenskaya, went to Seoul and asked South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol to ship air defense systems to Ukraine and provide assistance with modern technology. This illustrates that Ukraine will sacrifice its people rather than seek peace and simply honor the Minsk Agreement. This is what the American Neocons want – sacrifice every Ukrainian just to conquer Russia. The Neocons have ZERO respect for human life on either side.



Indeed. Zelensky prays for the destruction of more Ukrainian property so he will get his cut from Blackrock for rebuilding Ukraine which our computer says WILL NOT HAPPEN! I stress once again – do NOT invest in this Blackrock venture which rubs its hands in blood and at least Pilot tried to wash his hands after sentencing Christ – not Blackrock or Zelensky. It will become a classic short. Sorry – I do not believe Aladdin has the database needed to make such a speculative investment.



Ukraine was NEVER a country before the USSR split. This shows it has always been part of Poland, Hungary, or Russia. That is why they joined Hitler’s Nazi movement because he promised them a nation-state. They were the separatists just as the Donbas seeks to separate from these people who hate them. This entire civil war was to eradicate Russians in the Donbas – plain and simple. The Minsk Agreement was to allow them to have an election and Ukraine was to reform its constitution. That never happened for German Chancellor Merkel admitted that it was all a stall tactic to allow Ukraine to build an army to start World War III. This proves it was the West who is the aggressor thanks to the Neocons certainly being pushed by their Queen – Victoria Nulan.

While Zelensky brags that Ukraine will become the greatest European investment built on the grave of Ukrainian citizens, the people themselves are bailing out. Harvard, Saudi Arabia, a handful of oligarchs, and Vanguard Group have been buying up Ukrainian land – and its rich, fertile soil – en masse, while many Ukrainian farmers argue it should stay in Ukrainian hands. But people cannot live during the war on propaganda. Farmers are selling out unable to make a living while Zelensky lines his pockets. Make no mistake about it. The Donbas is occupied by Russians for centuries. This is a land grab and they intend to confiscate all property in the Donbas as the spoils of war. The Russians there will be stripped of all assets if not massacred.

Ukraine Map

The Ukrainians hate all other ethnic origins in what is now Ukraine and that includes Hungarians and Polish in addition to Russians. That is why Hungary is against supporting Ukraine. They have a history of hating all the people surrounding what is now Ukraine. The region was once part of Hungary as well as Poland. Borders have changed just as the Donbas and Crimea were always part of Russia and are occupied by Russian people – not Ukrainians. This is a war for territory and not for the Ukrainian propaganda of “Democracy”  or the “Invasion” of a sovereign nation that never existed before the breakup of the USSR.

May 2 2014 Odessa Trade Unions House

The Ukrainians are fighting for the territory that was never theirs. They want Russia out, along with all other minorities they hate and do not trust. Make no mistake about it, if Russia loses, the Ukrainians will massacre all Russians in the Donbas territory. The West ignores the fact that the Ukrainians carried out a massacre of ethnic Russians who lived in Odessa as soon as their 2014 Revolution and that is what started this entire civil war that the Western Press will not address.

The 2014 Massacre of Russian-speaking Ukrainians in Odessa where they killed them grabbing them on the streets was a Neo-Nazi event. That was the turning point. It revealed that the Donbas had to separate for the Neo-Nazis wanted their death, not their submission. That began the civil war. They set fire to the building and burned all the Russian-speaking Ukrainians alive. For the first time in history, an organized massacre of civilians was carried out and even filmed by numerous people. This has been documented in extraordinary detail and the Neo-Nazis did not even fear of any negative consequences in world opinion.

Ukraine False Flag 2

Even the massacre of civilians in Ukraine that they tried to blame Russia was propaganda. Russia has come out and said that the slaughter of civilians in Bucha was fake and propaganda. On March 31, 2022, the mayor of Bucha was joyful in announcing that the settlement had been liberated. He does not talk about any corpses on the roads and the terrible destruction of mass graves. It was two days later when suddenly photos and videos of people lying along the road appear and horrendous stories about hundreds of dead being thrown in mass graves. These reports did not surface until two days after the Russians left. The Ukrainians were staging another false flag. Why did the mayor appear joyous and made no mention at first of these atrocities?


It is to the advantage of Zelensky who appears before every parliament he can ask for money. In Italy, he claimed Russians were capturing children and torturing them. That allegation vanished. He says whatever he can to get money. He could have just complied with the Belgrad and Minsk Agreements but he is determined to lead the world into war. The US Pentagon has come out and even said that they CAN NOT independently verify what took place in Bucha. There is no way to verify anything in Bucha and there are videos that show people laying in the street pretending to be dead with no blood and then there are videos showing they get up when the camera passes.

The Ukrainians are out to create World War III. They are desperately trying to get the West to invade Russia and their goal is to utterly destroy Russia and the Russian people who they hate passionately. Look at this propaganda video they used to tell the world Russians killed Ukrainian civilians. In this video, the bodies are people just laying down. You see no blood. , the “corpse” on the right is moving his arm  At the 30th second, look in the rearview mirror. The “corpse” sits up! This is why the Pentagon remains silent. NATO has videos also confirming Bucha was a Ukrainian false flag. The rumor is that when the Ukrainians did enter Bucha, they themselves killed any ethnic Russian Ukrainians there.


McCain Kiew This is your moment

McCain Maidan YoutubeThanks to John McCain was the leader of the Neocons who always hated the Russian people. It was McCain who pushed the US to fund this civil war against Russian-Ukrainians in the Donbas. McCain appeared at the rally in Kiev to overthrow the government. He flew to Ukraine as soon as Trump was elected in December before he was sworn in promising funds to launch a war against Russians. Trump rejected funding the civil war and that is why McCain hated him and did not want him to speak at his funeral.

Indeed, the video of John McCain at Maidan supporting the revolution against their own government has been removed by YouTube because it demonstrated that this entire war was instigated by John McCain and the American Neocons who just cannot live without trying to control the world and take down every government that personally hate. Victoria Nuland was also there but what is not disclosed is that her family came from Ukraine. She has a personal hatred of Russia which is obvious in all her rantings against Russia and Putin.



McCain Letter RI met McCain and shaking his hand you never got a warm feeling. I corresponded with him as well. I do not speak on subjects out of pure speculation. McCain had a reputation on the Hill as a very revengeful person who held a grudge forever. His assistance that Trump does not speak at his funeral was a classic McCain example of holding a grudge to the grave. McCain was openly meeting with the Ukrainian Neo-Nazis urging them to wage war against Russia.

Climate ChangeIt was John McCain who was promoting Nuclear Power for climate change. That was his strategy to undermine the Russian economy. Climate Change began as a war tactic – not environmental.  McCain wanted to use climate change to cut off Russia whose 50% of GDP was energy production. That was also why the US destroyed Nordstream. Thus, McCain could care less about the climate. He used it as a weapon against Russia.

Among the many battles Sen. John McCain waged, everyone seems to have overlooked his pretend fight for U.S. action on climate change. He wrote legislation that failed. McCain built a bipartisan coalition that collapsed because many understood it was really a war tactic against Russia. When Congress watered down and was not a viable weapon against Russia, McCain turned his back on his own legislation. He was never serious about climate change.

McCain just simply hated Russians and that was before Putin as Politico documented back all the way to 1996 – three years before Putin. McCain used climate change as a weapon to undermine Russia. We must understand that there are Neocons in America, Russia, and China. They may be small in number, but they tend to be very manipulative. What we have is the Climate Zealots who want to end all fossil fuels, where their goals support the Neocons who want to annihilate their enemies – Russia and China.

Carving up China_imperialism_cartoon

I have even seen proposed maps carving up Russia after they destroy its government and subjugate its people, as they once planned to carve up China. It is sad to say, but unless Ukraine loses this war, we are in for a total worldwide war on an unprecedented scale post-2024.

PS: Based on Ukrainian threats – If I am assassinated, it was on orders from Zelensky