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UKRAINE RECONSTRUCTION BANK – BlackRock and JPMorgan Chase Own Ukraine

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Zelensky has sold out Ukraine to JPMorgan and BlackRock. While everyone was distracted with trivial news stories, BlackRock and JPMorgan partnered with the Ukrainian government to “establish a reconstruction bank that will serve as a conduit for public seed capital to fund rebuilding projects.” They are aiming to steer “public steer capital,” government grants that do not require repayment, to their fund as well. This money comes from private taxes. The corruption goes extremely deep and will affect the global economy forever.

BlackRock has a leaked tape of a recruiter discussing RUSSIA blowing up Ukrainian wheat silos, causing wheat prices to skyrocket due to shortages. The employee said that Ukraine is great business for BlackRock. This reconstruction fund will require the two entities to restructure Ukraine’s national debt — they now own Ukraine. BlackRock claimed at the start of the war that they ceased investing in Russia. It dropped the “R” from its BRIC ETF and created a BIC ETF for Brazil, India, and China. However, both BRIC ETF and BIC ETF were weighted around 84% toward China, meaning BlackRock changed the name.

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These are not charitable nonprofit organizations as the media is portraying them. How much do you think they will require in profits to rebuild Ukraine? The World Bank estimated that Ukraine would need $411 billion to rebuild after the war, but that figure goes up by the day. Every Western nation has its hand in the cookie jar and wants a piece of the plunder, sending off countless billions to ensure they’re part of the “reconstruction.” BlackRock and JPMorgan have been in discussions with Ukraine since last year. BlackRock CEO Larry Fink met with Zelensky in September 2022 to discuss how to profit off of the war, but BlackRock has been “helping” Ukraine since at least 2010.

Zelenskyy and Fink had “agreed to focus in the near term on coordinating the efforts of all potential investors and participants in the reconstruction of our country, channelling investment into the most relevant and impactful sectors of the Ukrainian economy,” CNBC reported in December 2022. This is why the war must go on and Zelensky cannot accept a peace offer. Zelensky has sold out the people of Ukraine and already lost his entire country. There is too much BIG money at hand for the war to stop. Our war cycle indicates tensions will pick up in 2024 – hold on tight. Expect false flags of Russia targeting wheat silos and soaring food prices. Everything is aligned with the Great Reset; this is the branch that is aiming to financially alter the world while others are working on destroying society from within. Ukraine must be destroyed to BUILD BACK BETTER the global financial system.

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