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People Storm the London Press over Fake News

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London 8 24 21

Resistance is not futile. A group of protestors has stormed the entrance of the headquarters of ITV News (Independent Television News) and Channel 4 News in London. They are protesting the misinformation and fakes news about COVID that the media concerning the vaccines and the pandemic. Europe is up in arms more so than the United States because there the head of state can shut down the entire country. In the USA, President Biden has no such power. That belongs to the state governor.

I am WARNING all journalists, if you do NOT start rebelling against your own editorial management which has been bought off, the mob will start dragging journalists out and hanging you. This is how ALL revolutions unfold and you better wake up to what history tells you. When you are in the pocket of the government, you become the enemy of the people. It is time to boycott your editors to save humanity.