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The Trump vs Biden Debate on June 27th, 2024

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Trump Biden Debate 6 27 24


Here are the arrays from around the world, and they do show a shift for the 27th when we will witness CNN’s corrupt attempt to interfere in the 2024 election. This is all part of the cycle for the Decline & Fall of the United States and all of the West, for that matter. As I have said many times, CIVILIZATION works when everyone benefits. This has been turned into a civil war of words that inspires such hatred that the only solution will be the civil war to reestablish our right to freedom from tyranny.


Trump vs Hillary 2024


CNN has lost all credibility, and it is a disgrace as a news organization crossing the line to a propaganda-conspiracy advocate. The polls now show that most people assume the CNN debate between Trump and Biden will by no means be an honest debate. CNN is desperate to undermine Trump, for they know the natural candidate will be Hillary Clinton – not Biden. Hillary is coming out with a new book this week in time for the debate as a warning to all. She is true to her Female-Nazi Days of bra-burning ’60s hatred of men, championing how she saved Afghan women from war and brave women dissidents defying dictators around the world such as Putin. (She needs to look in the mirror). This is how you prepare to be “drafted” for the Presidency in August because they know Biden will lose.

Gallip Poll on Confidence 2023

Gallup’s poll on CONFIDENCE continues to demonstrate that faith in Congress is now down to 8%. There is no sector showing where CONFIDENCE has increased. I personally no longer look at anyone’s Nightly News. CONFIDENCE in Television News is down to 14%. The computer is projecting the decline in CONFIDENCE into 2028 – I guess we will move BELOW zero by then. Our politicians worldwide no longer represent their people; they only represent the agenda they have been advocating dictated by the Neocon-Elites. Even the insane people at the World Economic Forum want to eradicate home gardens and air conditioning and reduce bathing and washing clothes. In this year, which was supposedly going to be laced with numerous central bank interest rate cuts around the world, the price of war is always inflation, and that is proving to be the real direction with the prospect of G10 nations quietly starting to resist rate cuts.


Fairness Doctrine R

Once upon a time, there was what was known as the Fairness Doctrine that did not require preapproval from a central place to decide if it was fair. It simply required that they present both sides. Therefore, they would have to have an opposing view to say why the other side is wrong. They did that when the President made that State of the Union Address. The opposition party gets the same amount of time to say he was wrong and why. It is about presenting both sides – not that someone approves it is fair or not, or you were to only present one side.

Lenin on Press

newscast_videonews-readerThe Fairness Doctrine that once existed was a policy of the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC), introduced in 1949, that required the holders of broadcast licenses both to present controversial issues of public importance and to do so in a manner that was — in the Commission’s view — honest, equitable, and balanced. The FCC eliminated the Fairness Doctrine in 1987, and in August of 2011, the FCC formally removed the language that implemented the Doctrine. Ever since then, the media has had a field day and has degenerated into the very same tool that the Communists used for their revolution in Russia.

This Fairness Doctrine should become law and extend to print media, including all newspapers! If the First Amendment DOES NOT protect free speech to scream “fire” in a theatre, then why does mainstream media have a right to distort the news to create their personal political agenda?

PrisonThe mainstream media should be stripped of their license if they present unbalanced information and refuse to stop propagandizing. Freedom of the Press is not the freedom to report only what they want in the way they want. If they claim to be reporting news, then it has to be unbiased news. Opinion is for op-eds, and they must report both views. STOP THE PROPAGANDA NOW!

Facts OpinionIt would be interesting to see how many journalists would end up behind bars if they refused to report the facts. Nobody will report the truth about Ukraine. That is sad because they support the death of millions of people for politics.

Donald Trump will be stepping into what will prove to be the most corrupt debate in American History that is, at best, a left-wing minefield as CNN, whose moderators are prepared to embarrass the country with their bias and attempt to rig the election as always. CNN has long lost any dignity and has become such a LEFT PROPAGANDA Machine, they desire to have their personal taxes doubled if not tripled so they can sleep at night knowing that their money is going to Ukraine to kill Russians.

Mr. Trump accepted CNN’s invitation to debate Mr. Biden. Since then, Trump supporters have lamented as CNN exposed its true colors, establishing CNN’s biased and highly unfavorable terms of the debate. The candidates will have no live audience and no chance to interrupt each other. Jake Tapper, who is the lead political leftist for CNN, probably cries at night that he has personal material wealth as he prays for the day when he will own nothing and be extremely happy. He will be accompanied by Dana Bash/Schwartz, Jewish, whose family were Hungarian Jews who fled the Russians. They are the far-LEFT moderators; so far, they might find it hard to walk a straight line in a DWI test if pulled over.

Trump will be taunted and abused, and CNN will do everything in its power to steer America into the Democrats so they can wage World War III and get their ratings back up. Both Bash and Tapper have broadcast their disdain, if not personal hatred, of Donald Trump. Why expect anything different from CNN? They have even compared Trump using “the dehumanizing rhetoric of Adolf Hitler” and called his four years in office a “long national nightmare.”



Just recently, on Monday, when Karoline Leavitt, press secretary for former President Donald Trump’s 2024 campaign, appeared on CNN’s “This Morning” show and pointed to Tapper’s lengthy history of anti-Trump behavior, CNN’s Hunt feigned outrage and then ended the interview by cutting off Leavitt’s microphone. You are not allowed to criticize anyone who works at CNN. It is absolutely UNAMERICAN in every respect.

CNN and the LEFT just love death and destruction, for they always see themselves as victims, so they are now cheering World War III and hope all the Republican children are drafted and eliminated for the future. We seriously need legislation to restore the integrity of news, or all will be lost.


Mainstream media is not going to be satisfied until they unleash civil war on America because of personal hatred and biases. NEVER in my entire life have I ever witnessed such disgusting people claiming to be journalists on both sides.

Cronkite Walter

Walter Cronkite Jr. (1916–2009)
On April 16, 1962, Cronkite succeeded Douglas Edwards as anchorman of the CBS’s nightly news.
Cronkite became an American icon of integrity in the News

The days of respectful journalism are long gone. I grew up when we gathered around to listen to the nightly news. Personally, I do not watch anyone anymore.