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Fakes News Trying to Prevent the Reform from Winning in UK

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What is the Mainstream Press so scared about? There is a worldwide rejection of this leftist agenda where they support World War III and would like nothing more than to get their ratings up with good old-fashioned blood, war, and violence, which they seem to love more than anything.


It was the press that created the Spanish-American War. Pulitzer made so much money from the blood and guts of soldiers that the father of yellow journalism donated his wealth to Columbia University to create the Pulitzer Prize for honest journalism – what a joke. Well, folks, the press is at it again. They do not care if it is your blood or your children’s. They write stories about it to grab more circulation. The press has become part of the global corruption that everyone is upset about. We are watching the people rising up in Europe, the UK, the US, Argentina, and Canada and voting against those in power. Gallup Poll has them at just 14% regarding people trusting anything they say. When my daughter was young, I told her she had better never bring a prosecutor home. I would have had to add a journalist to that list today.

Gallip Poll on Confidence 2023