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Comment from Europe

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COMMENT From Europe:

There is another side to the pipeline explosions also. There is growing dissatisfaction among average Europeans over electricity prices and gas prices. Normal people that don’t have any connections with either Russia or Ukraine and do not care if Donbas and Crimea belong to Russia or any other nation. Europeans just want to go on with their lives in peace but now have to pay a high price for the sanctions. People are starting to question the sanctions and want the gas to flow again. So the anger is turned against our own political leaders over the sanctions.

By destroying the pipelines people no longer can complain. So that also points to the climate zealots in the west being responsible for the sabotage and not Russia. How it was presented in the media also points to the west. It was a ready media package with the Danish air force taking pictures of the leak and Swedish seismologic data to show it was an explosion. The information was intended for us in the west. Look they have blown up the pipelines. And Germany was fast to say that the pipelines were destroyed forever and can not be fixed. Without any facts. Then the day after a spokesperson from the Nordstream company said they would investigate the damages after the gas has run out.
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Goring Herman on War

REPLY: This is why being a student of history, I am not supporting Putin, or being a Republican against Democrats, or whatever other explanation some may try to apply. I am warning that we are being manipulated into war for ulterior purposes – (Climate Change). Hermann Goring was asked at the Nuremberg trials WHY DID THE PEOPLE FOLLOW HITLER? His response was perfectly correct, despite the fact that many just preferred that the German people were inherently evil and different from the rest of the world as the explanation back then. That was why Stanley Milgram conducted his experiments. As Goring said, the very best outcome is you get to return home unharmed. He stated the truth “it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along.”

This is simply the way it is. The leaders create all wars, NEVER the people. War is merely a continuation of politics that moves to violence. Like two guys arguing in a bar. Many times, one becomes so infuriated unable to win the argument verbally, so they begin to throw punches. What do we have to gain from war? Absolutely NOTHING other than hoping to return in one piece and we still have a home and family to return to. War is the playing of politicians.

Savoy PrinceThe Prince of Savoy was one of the greatest generals who fought for many kings. He was the inspiration behind our Second Amendment – the right to bear arms. Why? He concluded that kings maintained standing armies at great expense. He argued that kings waged war simply to use their armies. Hence, he proposed that we all have the right to bear arms and that we have a militia military, not a standing army for that would lead to endless wars. He is correct. How many times has the US invaded some country under some honorable pretense? From the Weapons of Mass Destruction that never existed in Iraq to defeat Communism in Vietnam, where as many as 2 million civilians on both sides and some 1.1 million North Vietnamese and Viet Cong fighters died for an economic system that was collapsing all by itself. President Johnson admitted the Vietnamese never attacked.

Louis XIV War

Indeed, the French King Louis XIV’s last words on his death bed – “I have been too fond of war.”


Playing War Toy Soldiers

We are plagued by world leaders who played too much with their toy soldiers. These are the real-life consequences of their games. They welcome war and have no desire for peace. There is not a single leader willing to even say – Hey, wait a minute! We are the expendable population. There are too damn many of us anyhow is their view.

War Cycle 2019

Our computer has been pointing to 2023 as an absolute MAJOR crisis point in global geopolitics. The risk of international war is very real. These climate zealots are destroying our way of life the very same way that Karl Marx did, which led to the death of over 200 million people between Russia and China. This time, it will be in the billions. The destruction of these pipelines may be cheered in private gatherings celebrating their victory over destroying the energy lifeline for Germany ahead of winter. They are counting on the people to pick up a gun and invade Russia. It most certainly looks to be civil unrest is coming and make no mistake about it, this was NOT Putin but intended to defund his ability to wage war and end fossil fuels.

MA War Cycycle at 2011 Conference

Our models are definitive. I am merely the messenger – not the author. This gives me no pleasure whatsoever. This photo was from the 2011 World Economic Conference held in Philadelphia that was filmed as part of the movie – The Forecaster. We were projecting it would all begin in 2014, which marked the Ukrainian Revolution and the US installation of the “temporary” UNELECTED government, which started the civil war invading the Donbas. So, the people did not vote to even start that civil war. The West set that all in motion. Our computer had even targeted Ukraine would be where WWIII begins. That was published back in 2013. Our computer is renowned for accurate long-term forecasts.

It is impossible for ANY individual to forecast such events CONSISTENTLY for decades. We are all human and just because someone was correct on one forecast based upon an “opinion” does not mean that they can forecast the future consistently no less the next one. The government, bankers, and some competitors have done everything they can to shut these forecasts down. The mainstream press will NEVER cover this because then how do they keep putting on all the talking heads when it’s just personal opinion? They have been told – do not report on this model – thank you! They never will because they do as the governments tell them. The governments must win. They exist to manipulate us stupid slobs to accomplish their goals.

As Goring said: “the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism.” There are no peacemakers left anymore!