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U Penn Loses Millions in Funding After Hamas Rallies

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U Penn is the latest American university to lose a major donor due to misled students supporting Hamas. American universities were the first to promote the woke agenda and far-left policies. Hence it is not surprising to see privileged kids ripping down American flags and replacing them with the Palestinian flag. Hedge fund manager and former U Penn alumni Ross Stephens is now rescinding $100 million in funding from the school after the school refused to condemn pro-Palestine protests.

School President Liz Magill attempted to enact damage control after Steven’s announcement but it was too late. Ronald Lauder, heir of Este Lauder, also sent a letter to President Liz Magill criticizing the Hamas rallies on campus. “You are forcing me to reexamine my financial support absent satisfactory measures to address antisemitism at the university,” Lauder wrote.


Another billionaire, David Magerman, also penned Magill to advise her to seek donations elsewhere. “I am deeply ashamed of my association with the University of Pennsylvania. I refuse to donate another dollar to Penn,” he stated before saying he will “refuse to donate another dollar to Penn.” Then billionaire Jonathon Jacobson threatened to send Magill a mere $1 per year until she leaves office “and the Board of Trustees grows the backbone to fulfill its mission, which is to govern the university according to the principles upon which it was founded.” Even the former governor of Utah, Jon Huntsman, condemned U Penn for remaining silent and pledged to cease donations.

This is happening at schools across America. As hedge fund billion Leon Cooperman said before pulling funding from Columbia University, “I think these kids at the colleges have s–t for brains.” Unfortunately these same protestors may find themselves on a battlefield one day. The school system corrupted the youth and diluted their minds with this alternate reality  where Palestine loves the gays and American capitalism is responsible for the world’s problems.