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Privileged Ivy League Students in US Support Terrorism

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Hamas is a terrorist organization. That is not a conspiracy theory and they are not misunderstood. Colleges across the US have erupted in pro-terrorism chaos. Now what if I replaced “Hamas” with the “Taliban,” and asked college kids their unvalued opinions. As you can see from the video above, these students are eager to fund THE TALIBAN due to the anti-American rhetoric spreading across the US educational system.

Hedge fund billionaire Leon Cooperman is an alumnus and major funder of Columbia University. Cooperman has gifted Columbia over $50 million dollars as one of their largest donors. “I think these kids at the colleges have s–t for brains,” he explained to a reporter after declaring he will no longer give Columbia another penny. “We have one reliable ally in the Middle East — that’s Israel. We only have one democracy in the Middle East — that’s Israel, okay? And we have one economy tolerant of different people — gays, lesbians, etc. And that’s Israel,” the 80-year-old chairman and CEO of Omega Advisors, a New York-based investment firm with over $3.3 billion in assets, continued.

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Both Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump have promised to deport students on visas promoting terrorism on campus. “You may have a right to say certain things, but that’s material support to terrorism if you’re saying you’re part of what they’re doing, so we deactivated the Students for Justice in Palestine and were the first state to step up to the plate and do that,” DeSantis stated. “They don’t have a right to be here on a student visa. It’s a privilege to be here on a student visa. There’s a lot of Americans that would probably want those slots. There’s other foreign nationals who actually like the United States who would probably want [one].

It is a shame to see how utterly clueless the next generation will be. Government-controlled curriculum has brainwashed the youth into believing the new norm narrative of white guilt and a genderless society that demonizes traditional values. Clearly, they are not teaching the kids history or economics. I assume these will be the first people lining up to receive their chips and digital IDs. Education must begin at home with parents providing a moral code of conduct for the youth because America’s education system is guaranteed to steer them in the wrong direction.