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Social Media Trying to Destroy our Freedom

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Nazi Book Burning Goebbels 1933

I was preparing to add a chapter on what is becoming the Greatest Political Manipulation in world history to the Manipulating the World Economy, which would be about the US 2020 election and the COVID-19 world lockdown to further the Great Reset. Now even Amazon is reserving its right to ban any book that is critical of coronavirus lockdown. We have entered the era where history repeats like the Nazi book burning. Even Elon Musk has come out against Amazon.

I warned that the computer projected this would be the MOST politically corrupt election in American history. NEVER in my personal imagination would I have EVER assumed that the high-tech companies would be conspiring against our freedom. They are simply greedy. They are following this Marxist Utopia and think that they will be exempt and get a piece of every transaction in the entire world by supporting this move to digital currencies.

Panic 53BC

I am thoroughly disgusted. The election in the Roman Republic of 53BC was always on my top 10 list of corrupt elections in history. The elections of 53BC effectively degenerated into a bidding war between the various factions. Under the pretense of helping candidates with their expenses, the bottom line was simple bribery. We know from various contemporary authors of the time that the intense bribery caused interest rates to jump from 4% to 8% during those elections. This bidding war was so serious that the Senate of Rome was forced to act because it became so public.

Didius Julianus aureus

Another in the top ten list of corrupt elections was that of 192AD when the Praetorian Guard murdered Emperor Pertinax and paraded his head on a pole around the city. Following the murder of Pertinax by the Praetorian Guards, the full corruption of Rome burst forth. The Guards withdrew to the safety of their camp. No clear heir was available so the Guards stationed heralds on the wall to announce openly that the office of Emperor was up for sale to the highest bidder.

Thus began perhaps the most scandalous affair in Roman history. The corruption had reached such levels that it was clear that the decline and fall of the Roman Empire began at this junction in time. There were two rival bidders who presented themselves – Titus Flavius Sulpicianus (father-in-law of Pertinax) and Marcus Didius Julianus. It was Didius’ bid of 25,000 sestertii per man, which was the high bid and he was duly declared Emperor. However, Didius Julianus quickly found himself in serious trouble. The treasury had been depleted much more so than he had expected under CommodusDidius began to reduce the weight of the coinage trying to stretch the reserves as far as possible. The outrage led to a civil war.

Political Coup of 2020

Lenin 1919 Equality

Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever imagined that such a coordinated political coup to remove Trump in order to force this global Great Reset upon the world with this new age of “equality” which is Marxism with the same claims as they have always been – inclusion and equality. Even Lenin called them “empty phrase-mongering” and he argued that the Socialists were really gathering power for the elite. In that respect, he was correct.


If you listen to the words of Klaus Schwab, you will hear those same empty promises of equality. He will not surrender all his wealth. Nor will Bill Gates, George Soros, or the high tech social media moguls. Somehow the people are supposed to rise up and overthrow Trump to achieve equality by surrendering all our rights, accept perpetual lockdowns, live on Guaranteed Basic Income, and sit at home to watch TV, News, and read books that are all going to be sanitized to protect us – the same as the Nazi book burning to protect us from evil thoughts. If you listen to the same speech just delivered also ahead of the US election by the IMF which seeks to control the one-world digital currency, you hear the very same agenda of inclusion and equality. Somehow, that never eliminates the rich and powerful oligarchs who then see themselves as necessary to ensure equality for those of us beneath them – the great unwashed.

The problem with the left is always the same. They are NOT satisfied in life unless they force everyone else to live as they command. Yet they still want to have the power to enforce their commands.

I have never met Elon Musk. He has called for the breakup of Amazon. I would love to meet him. He seems to be one person defending also our freedom. At this stage in the game, I do not know if enough people will see the truth and vote for Trump to stop this agenda. A Trump victory would place Social Media as the target for criminal prosecution for doing what they all accused Russia of doing but in spades! It is becoming very clear that these organizations have become a threat to our very freedom.