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Fauci – Calls for Resignation Rising

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Fauci Babylon Bee

The calls for Fauci to resign are growing louder.  Fauci is a disgrace. He has admitted funding Wuhan with $600,000 for research into Bat Viruses which I reported over a year ago. His denials of that up to now and his constantly changing positions on COVID are an international disgrace. Babylon Bee did a piece with Fauci debating 17 versions of himself. Fauci previously admitting just making up what percent of the population needed to vaccinated to reach herd immunity. He admitted to the NY Times he kept changing the number. They even wrote:

In the pandemic’s early days, Dr. Fauci tended to cite the same 60 to 70 percent estimate that most experts did. About a month ago, he began saying “70, 75 percent” in television interviews. And last week, in an interview with CNBC News, he said “75, 80, 85 percent” and “75 to 80-plus percent.”

In a telephone interview the next day, Dr. Fauci acknowledged that he had slowly but deliberately been moving the goal posts. He is doing so, he said, partly based on new science, and partly on his gut feeling that the country is finally ready to hear what he really thinks.


Gates Sr Fauci 1024x648


It is very curious how a bureaucrat from the NIH even hobbed-nobbed with the elites. Quite frankly, I have been at high-level dinners and met the upper level of society and never saw someone who was just a bureaucrat invited. This is very curious. I published this photo back in April 2020.

Gates Fauci8

Bill Gates has admitted he talks to Fauci on the phone many times even daily. Fauci’s assistance on a vaccine and refusal to sanction treatments has been financially beneficial to Bill Gates. If Fauci receives ANY compensation EVER from Gates or his indirect connections to Gates, he has been bribed and should go to prison. If I were on the committee questioning Fauci, I would demand full disclosure of his financial assets.



Then Fauci spoke at the World Economic Forum and has appeared in Schwab’s videos not advocating anything to do with health, but suddenly the #1 problem is economic inequality. I am not sure he even knows what he is advocating – Marxism.



Why is the head of a US agency advocating the Great Reset which calls for the United States to hand its nuclear power to the United Nations?


Biden Standby Fauci

Yet we have a much more serious problem. Biden can’t possibly fire Fauci without opening up an investigation of the entire COVID scam. Everything from face masks to herd immunity constantly change. Fauci is NOT science – this is just opinion. Biden is clinging to Fauci which can bring down his Administration.

Imperial College London

The major foreign press has been unleashed. They are going after Fauci with a vengeance for they can now blame Fauci and the United States for running their economies into the ground while overlooking Ferguson and Imperial College, funded by Gates who created the bogus model, to begin with. Then Ferguson had to resign for having sex and violating his own recommendation for total lockdown. His model never worked and overstated everything.


I reviewed the code and found it to be like a Child’s game of SimCity. Others later reviewed the code as well and came to the same conclusion. It was the British politicians who listened to Ferguson and started this entire lockdown remedy that has led to more crime and suicides. The vaccine companies may be immune, but Imperial College is not. A class-action lawsuit should be brought and all communication revealed since they took funding from the Saviour of the World – Bill Gates.


Some have sent nasty letters saying I am just an Anti-Vax right-wing Nazi. To all the sheep who really think the governments care about you, I suggest you hire a prostitute, male or female, for I am sure they too will convince you that they love you eternally – or until they are paid for that session.

Abortion Protest

I find it hypocritical that the argument against restricting abortions that the Democrats throw out  “IF IT’S NOT YOUR BODY IT’S NOT YOUR CHOICE“. yet somehow that does not apply when forcing experimental vaccines that are not approved. You also have to sign a pile of papers acknowledging that it’s experimental and you can never sue nor your heirs should you die is somehow OK. That’s not very comforting. I simply will prefer to sit on the side and wait for the dust to clear. I have taken normal vaccines. Not this one. Anyone who has worked in Washington and seen behind the curtain knows one thing – never trust what politicians say.

T Shirt Land of Free

We handed these T-Shirts out at the last WEC. Fauci is no different than a politician. He has never been consistent. Changes his opinion at the moment. I am sorry. I have ZERO trust in someone who obviously has no respect for the people and regards us as plain stupid. A used car salesman is now ranked higher. Even the majority of healthcare workers refuse to take the vaccines. The faith and trust in the media have collapsed to their lowest level (fake news) because of COVID and their attempt to support Fauci.

Gallup Poll 2020

Gallup Poll shows Congress has a lower trust rating than a used car salesman. When will the American press realize that have destroyed their own future? I think Fauci should be at the bottom of the list perhaps even below members of Congress. I have never seen even a politician who changes their position as often as Fauci.