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The Progress on National EV Charging Stations

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Governments globally are in a rush to transition away from fossil fuels. The US government threw $7.5 billion at the fabricated problem in 2022 to build a network of  EV charging stations. The Infrastructure Law of November 2021 promised to build half a million charging stations throughout the nation by 2030.

So, how is the government doing on this lofty promise? They have built a grand total of SEVEN charging stations in four states since the bill was passed. The Department of Transportation has failed to comment on the slow roll out, while the Federal Highway Administration insists they are carefully choosing their locations, with their paid for politicians claiming it will be “as easy as finding a gas station.”

Electric Car Charing

The government is confident that it can achieve this target as early as 2027 – only three years from now. They make promises without having a plan in place. Biden believes half of all new car sales will be electric by 2030 per the climate change initiative. Only 7.6% of vehicles in the country are electric, and both consumers and the private sector have vocally stated that they do not want to switch away from their current vehicles. It is an unreasonable request. Not only are these vehicles more expensive and less reliable, but there are simply not enough charging stations to make them a viable option.

The government will continue throwing money at the non-existent problem. They awarded $2.5 billion in grants to implement these stations in disadvantaged communities where no one can actually afford to buy an electric vehicle. I have written countless articles about the costs associated with EVs. Funny enough, aside from gasoline, the production of EVs is not climate-friendly in the least.

The real goal is to make car ownership less obtainable. This all falls into line with Agenda 2030 and the plans for 15-minute cities where transportation will be public and not private.

The private sector does not want EVs. They see that the demand is simply not there, and they have been pushing back on these measures. These Marxists who want to seize the means of production fail to realize that there is no progress without innovation, and companies are not going to transition into non-profit organizations to support the climate zealots. In December 2023, over 3,000 auto dealers from all 50 states penned a letter to President Joe Biden, explaining that his target of forcing 50% of all car purchases to be electric by 2030 is unattainable.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory at the US Department of Energy believes the US needs 1.2 million charging stations by 2030, with the White House aiming for 500,000. They have built SEVEN charging stations. The private sector does not want to manufacture more EVs, and the people do not want to buy them. The government utterly ignores its constituents and expects us to obey its outlandish commands without taking into consideration why policies will and have failed.