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Climate Change – You Are the Problem

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You are the Carbon We have to Reduce

Let’s get real. The entire nonsense of climate change is camouflage for the real agenda of reducing the population. Bill Gates has been funding this and reducing the people, for you are the carbon he wants to eliminate. This entire idea that was stuffed into his head by his father dates back to Malthus.


They will create plagues that fulfill our disease models, and you have Kerry running around to reduce the food supply, claiming agriculture is a major source of climate change, so to reduce the food supply that will inevitably cause starvation and kill as many people as possible. These people will make Hitler look like just an amateur. Malthus did not understand cycles. In his 1798 book An Essay on the Principle of Population, Malthus argued that an increase in a nation’s food production had improved the well-being of the population; however, that improvement was temporary because it led to population growth. So the population would exceed the food supply and that was the doom of society. He never understood cycles and certainly failed to comprehend that innovation is part of the cycle.

Constantinople Fall 1

The invention of gunpowder that led to cannons was how the Turks conquered Byzantium when its wall had been impenetrable for centuries.  The development of oil as an energy source saved the whales, but it gave birth to the automobile, which expanded civilization into the suburbs.


The discovery of fossil fuels enabled the combustion engine, which was then applied to farming. That increased the food production. Fertilizers were developed, and now Kerry and Gates realize that they have to kill food production to bring about Malthus’s prediction of 1798.



1970 2006 Time Climate Change

Kerry is a flat, outright propagandist for this entire climate change agenda. He states that scientists are correct for 30 years. That is just total BS. They were predicting an ice age in the 1970s. What happened to the hole in the ozone layer? Remember we were all going to die from acid rain?



Rise Fall or Empires Climate

Strangely, Bill Gates is now the largest farmland/landowner in the United States, which is a paradox, just like his vaccines to save people while pushing to reduce the population. Gates began buying up farmland in 2013 and now owns about 270,000 acres spread across 18 different states. He has a little more than one-third of the state of Rhode Island, a stunning amount for one person. So why does Bill Gates keep buying up so much farmland if this is a significant factor in climate change? Some find it a sinister paradox when Gates isn’t changing the practices of the farmers renting the land. Does this put him in the position to stop food production when he feels the time is right?


2022 Dutch Farmers

224 years Cycle agriculture Malthus

This attack on farming ironically has come exactly 224 years from Malthus trying to reduce agriculture production now, and with the climate turning colder, throw in a couple of volcanoes, and we have a major agricultural crisis on our hands. None of this makes any sense.