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Auto Dealers Oppose Switch to EVs

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Governments worldwide are pushing for clean energy without a reliable alternative. Electric vehicles (EVs) are sitting stagnant on lots as the demand is simply not there for a variety of obvious reasons. Over 3,000 auto dealers from all 50 states penned a letter to President Joe Biden, explaining that his target of forcing 50% of all car purchases to be electric by 2030 is unattainable.

Mr. President, it is time to tap the brakes on the unrealistic government electric vehicle mandate. Allow time for the battery technology to advance. Allow time to make BEVs more affordable. Allow time to develop domestic sources for the minerals to make batteries,” the letter stated. “Allow time for the charging infrastructure to be built and prove reliable. And most of all, allow time for the American consumer to get comfortable with the technology and make the choice to buy an electric vehicle.”

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) believes it can reduce CO2 emissions by 10 billion tons before 2055 and has released regulations that will impact car models from 2027 to 2032. Automakers like GM, BMW, Jaguar, Ford, Mercedes, Mazda, and Nissan, to name a few, are rushing to produce EVs to meet these unattainable goals. However, as the letter indicates, the people are not buying EVs in this economy. The average sale price of an EV is over $60,000 and completely out of reach for a nation of people living on credit and drowning in debt. Additionally, every EV battery will eventually need to be replaced, and that could cost up to $20,000. Yet another issue is insurance, which costs about 26% more than the price of cars with gas engines.

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The new regulations focus solely on tailpipe emissions and fail to consider the resources needed to create these vehicles. The batteries in these vehicles use 10X more energy than the average household uses in one day. The cobalt within these vehicles is mostly mined through modern-day slavery in the Congo. This also requires mining for things like lithium and cobalt. Lithium mining is extremely harmful to the environment. South America has experienced water supply contamination near lithium mining regions, and Tibet reported marine life dying in mass near some facilities.

The infrastructure for EV transition is not available and should not be a priority. We saw California ask citizens not to power their EVs numerous times when the power grid was suffering. Some vehicles can take up to half a day to charge fully and the average model can only drive 250 miles on a single charge.


The White House insists these regulations are supporting the economy. “Bidenomics is growing the domestic EV and EV charging industry — creating good-paying union jobs in manufacturing and installation, lowering energy costs for hardworking families, improving air quality, and building the economy from the middle out and the bottom up,” a White House spokesperson insisted. This may be the most out-of-touch administration in US history.

These measures are absolutely destroying the auto industry that brings in 1.53 trillion annually in the US alone. The globalists have told us in detail that they plan to end private car ownership by 2050. They notified us of their plan back in 2016 and have not changed course. Forcing the public to go electric ensures that a good percentage can no longer afford to drive.