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Greek Rising Civil Unrest

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Alexis Tsipras has to implement pension reform in order to get more loans from Brussels. He is betraying everything the Greek people voted for and is pushing Greece over the edge. Brussels is demanding that the Greeks pay for the shenanigans of Goldman Sachs whom helped Greek politicians cook the books.

Greek Protest 1-21-2016

Protests against the pension cuts and tax increases in Greece are spreading throughout the country. On Thursday, Greek farmers blocked major roads with their tractors. Among other things, the traffic was hampered on the axis linking western Greece with Turkey. The sailors continued a 48-hour strike. Most ferries remained in port and the rail transport was hampered by work stoppages of railwaymen.


The ONLY solution is to exit the euro. Brussels is totally insane and their actions are designed only to maintain their own jobs. Merkel created this entire refugee mess by trying to show she was human while denying anything to Greece, despite Greece forgiving the German debt after World War II.

It is ironic that Merkel refused to bend for the Greeks, yet she let in hordes of “refugees” who are tearing Europe apart and have resulted in passports checks between member states.