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ECM Observations = Always Fascinating

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Hi Martin,

Fantastic data and research (as always).  I was kind of surprised (never made the connection) by one of the images you posted.

Your image shows the Eurozone peaking in 2004.53.  There are a few circular events that also occurred around that time.
Greece was about to host the Olympics for the first time since it hosted the first modern Olympic games.  Basically, the games were coming home for the first time, and the feeling in Greece was that of euphoria and of having made it.  That same summer, Greece won the 2004 Euro Cup soccer tournament and as a Greek, we felt that we were on top of the world. Even the movie 300 came out, and everyone was talking about Sparta and Greece.
It’s funny how Greece peaked along with Europe at the same time (considering Ancient Greece was the foundation for modern Europe).  Then, coming full cycle, Greece was the first crack in the armor of Europe, crashing low.
You always talk about things coming full circle, but because this event is important to me culturally, I can start to draw out the many connections and blow my mind in the process.
Thanks so much.

ANSWER: It is fascinating how the targets are always on point. Yes, it was Greece that formed the high, moving to that extreme. It was like picking Ukraine as the hot spot for Kiev, which is where the Russians actually were and only later migrated to Moscow after the Mongol invasion. It was in the Ukraine where Russia rose to a world power, defeating the Swedish Empire, and of course, so many wars including the Black Plague that began in Crimea.