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The Truth Always Surfaces

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Zelenskyy Johnson

COMMENT: It first seemed you were just a Russian supporter. The more I read, the more I became shocked that we have instigated this conflict with Russia and all the conspiracy theories are being proven true. The person who referred me to your site said you had the best sources because everyone wanted to know what Socrates was forecasting. Your post today about Boris Johnson telling Zelensky there is no peace with Russia truly hit home. These people have no qualms about letting millions die for nothing. It makes me wonder if these people want power and enjoy hurting others. I cannot comprehend their thinking, let alone their moral character. Johnson has the blood of many on his hands, and he cannot wash them clean like Pontus Pilate.



REPLY: The West wants this war. Zelensky was told to keep fighting to kill as many Russians as possible. Lindsey Graham said it was the best money he ever spent to kill Russians. The problem is that 500,000 Ukrainians are now dead and still counting. Not a single leader in the West gave 2-seconds of thought about all the Ukrainian deaths and that 8 to 10 million have fled their homes. They have destroyed Ukraine because of their hatred of Russians. It was the unelected interim government installed by the US, EU, and Britain that started this civil war, attacking the Donbas on their instructions. The people voted for Zelensky because he promised peace. Johnson interfered and said no way.



McCain was at Maidan encouraging a revolution and that the United States would stand behind them. Can you imagine if a Russian addressed the crowd on January 6th, encouraging them to overthrow the government? The Neocons have used Ukraine for their purpose to wage war against Russia, and they never cared about the Ukrainian people or their country.


McCain at Maidan

McCain Kiew This is your moment

Ukraine Map


Khruschev arbitrarily drew the Ukraine border for administrative purposes. He grew up there and was responsible for rebuilding Kiev after World War II. His successor, Brezhnev, was also born there in the Donbas. Does that mean the Cuban Missle Crisis was not with Russia, but with Ukraine since they claim the Donbas? From the beginning, before the US started this civil war, I had employees on both sides in Donetsk and Kyiv and warned on February 20, 2014, that Ukraine should have been divided based on language. I stressed that point again in 2022. I also warned back on December 3rd, 2013, before the Maidan Revolution, that “Ukraine Maybe The Most Important Country To Watch.” This has NEVER been my personal opinion or wish. Our computer pinpointed Ukraine before anything even took place.

Our computer pinpointed Ukraine as the place where World War III would begin.