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Britain Ready to Send Troops to Die for Ukraine

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Nato to Enter Ukraine

I have been warning that the West desperately needs to create World War III as an excuse to cover up their fiscal mismanagement since World War II, which will inevitably result in the collapse of sovereign debt. British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has now gone to Kiev to sign a “defense agreement” committing British citizens to be drafted to go to Ukraine and die for our illustrious politicians who do not even have the dignity of a dog that never shits where it eats, unlike our world politicians.

Monkey Organ Griner

Zelensky now has two new military aid commitments from NATO allies other than the United States. British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has revealed he, too, is just a monkey on a leash for the Neocon organ grinders. He announced a new deal with Zelensky, handing him $3.2 billion in fresh funding to create more drones to attack Russia. Zelensky has also secured an aid package from Latvia that will include artillery weapons and munitions, as well as a plan to train more Ukrainian troops. None of this will alter the outcome. They are simply using the Ukrainians as cannon fodder to kill as many Russians as possible. Where there are no more Ukrainians left standing, then NATO will try to deliver the death blow to Russia while asking China to please wait patiently for their turn.

Sunak’s commitment to British lives without asking the British people demonstrates that the West has become not much different from the Soviet Union, which also never asked the people about waging war. You show up and die for the politicians, and there is no democracy, for you will never be allowed to vote when it concerns your own life or that of your family.

ECM Ukraine 8.6 R

Zelensky got Sunak’s security “defense agreement,” which provides security guarantees/assurances to Kyiv and is obviously a precursor to the official involvement of NATO, which has already trained the over 500,000 dead Ukrainian soldiers. Sunak committed the British to a formal involvement, meaning boots on the ground if the Russians took Donbass-Zaporizia. He has now redrawn the border of Ukraine like Khruschev did and has declared Kharkiv, Nikolaev, and Odessa-Transnistria Ukrainian territory.

Merkel_Minsk_Buy_Time_to Prepare for wart

NOBODY wants peace because they need this war. The West does not care about the Ukrainian people. Some 8 to 10 million have fled with no intention of returning. Over 1 million are now dead. All they ever had to do was honor the Minsk Agreement, in which Merkel admitted she lied to Putin and never had any intention of peace. The West has planned to create this war with Russia and China; this time, the West will lose.

Nero Dupondius RIC 338 Temple Janus

Even the Romans had the Temple of Janus pictured on this coin of Nero (54-68AD). During the war, the doors were left open because you really never knew the outcome. During peach, the doors were closed.



Get ready. The Neocons who rule the White House will also send American troops to Ukraine after the election. Of course, they will be able to use Britain as an excuse to send American troops to die in Ukraine before the election as we head into April.