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Neocons Still Trying to Create WWIII Before the Election

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As long as the West continues to allow the Neocons to control this war, then there will be no stopping World War III. These people have spent their entire lives hating Russians for particularly personal reasons. These Neocons have waged endless wars since Vietnam. They had lied to the American public to justify their wars as MacNamara sought to clear his conscience before he died and said, “WE WERE WRONG” about Vietnam, that the Russians were not involved, and it was just a civil war. The cost of this War on Terror Brown University has conducted a study and placed it at $8 trillion, again with no victory. There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and nobody was ever held accountable.

Bidens Neocons

Ukraine Attacks Donbas 4 23 2014



It was Victoria Nuland who hand-picked the UNELECTED government in Ukraine and instructed it to begin the civil war, attacking the Donbas to lure in Putin so they could conquer Russia; with their track record, they would lose again. Yet they get the fake news to constantly say Putin invaded unprovoked, lying to the West as they did with Vietnam, where even President Johnson admitted the Vietnamese never attacked the USA. Nuland famously said, “F**K THE EU” show was out to install her government to start this war.

All three Neocons who have found power under Biden were all Jewish with heritage in Ukraine, claiming that their families were persecuted by Russians. That is a CONFLICT OF INTEREST, and nobody in Congress dares to investigate. The vast majority of Jewish friends I have, none of them trace their roots to Ukraine.


Zelensky_Pursue_Nuclear_Weapons_2 23 22

To make sure Putin would come to the rescue of the Donbas, they rigged the election to stick in their hand puppet Zelensky, and the day before the invasion, he stood up and declared that Ukraine would rearm with nuclear weapons pointed at Russia.

Zelensky Did not warn people Washington Post 8 19 22

The Washington Post interviewed Zelensky and asked him why he did not warn his people that Russia would invade when they discovered he had US intelligence. He responded that it would have cost him $7 billion because people would have moved their money out of Ukraine. Ukraine cannot hit Russian ships in the Black Sea or attack installations inside Russia without American intelligence and the use of spy satellites. It was the US that informed Zelensky when Russia would invade, and he admits to having that information.



Russia knows it was Ukraine that attacked the Moscow nightclub, killing civilians with the blessing of the US and UK. Now, they are using cluster bombs to kill Russians sunbathing on the beach. I am sorry, this is outright evil and is desperately trying to get Putin to respond so they can again claim he started World War III. The history books will not buy this BS like the fake news of the West. We MUST purge NATO, the US, and the IK of these Neocons who will destroy the world for their personal hatred.

Reagan in quest of peace

Once upon a time, world leaders sought peach. The nuclear deterrent was supposed to guarantee peace. Now, the Neocons want war and insist that Putin will never defend Russia. This is a book from my library, In Quest of Peace. I can personally verify that the Neocons protested against Reagan’s meeting with Gorbachev, saying, “You can never trust a Russian.” What was an enemy because of Communism under Kruschev was transformed into personal hatred because of the persecution of the Jews, and these Neocons are poisoning the world for personal vendettas.

This means we are already at war with Russia. If you hire a gunman to kill someone, you point to that person, and he pulls the trigger, in a court of law, you would be charged with conspiracy to murder, and the fact you can claim you did not pull the trigger has no legal basis to escape the charge. This is what is going on in Ukraine. This recent attack, killing even children on a beach, demonstrates that Ukraine cannot be trusted and this war should be shut down. The real numbers so far are 1.1 million Ukrainians ARE ALREADY DEAD. All for Victoria Nuland’s personal hatred of Russians?