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Putin & the May 7th Turning Point

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2023_02_21_Putin_Speech 2

COMMENT: Living in Eastern Europe, I can see how your May 7th target marked Putin’s change in attitude. Before May 7th, it was others who brought up nuclear war. May 7th saw Putin yield to his critics, and ever since, he has been directly warning the world about nuclear war. I think your model pinpointed this change.

Very interesting



REPLY: Yes. I was concerned that either Ukraine would do something stupid and assassinate Putin or he would yield to his critics. It seems the second option was the outcome. His critics have long held that he should have just invaded Ukraine and conquered it like the US did with Iraq and then release Ukraine after eliminating the anti-Russian faction. Putin did not want to appear to be an invader and termed it a special operation to defend the Donbas. It was Victoria Nuland who installed an UNELECTED government and then instructed them to attack the Donbas to start this civil war and call them “terrorists” because they wanted to separate from Kiev. This article is from April 2014.

What I find really disturbing is how the press has rewritten history and now ignore all the facts to paint Putin as evil when Nuland started this war to draw in Putin.