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Sicily Overrun with Illegal Migrants

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Sicilians have been pressuring the Italian government for years to send assistance to deal with the migrant crisis. People hoped that PM Giorgia Meloni would be tough on migrants, but there has been a sharp uptick in unaccompanied adult male migrants from Africa arriving in Sicily via boat. As of this week, the small town of Lampedusa is outnumbered by the migrants there.

Lampedusa hosts about 6,000 residents. Yet, in one day alone, 8,000 illegal migrants pushed their way onto the beach town. The local shelters cannot house this many people. The men have devised a strategy where they send numerous boats to land at such a rapid pace that the authorities cannot possibly stop them all. Lampedusa is one of many examples in Sicily and Italy as a whole.

Lampedusa’s mayor, Filippo Mannino, has criticized the EU for ignoring the migrant crisis. In the US, no one outside of a border state cared about the migrant crisis until busloads of migrants appeared in their cities. This one small fishing village has been ruined.

“I have been dealing with problems related to migrants since the 1990s, I have seen everything and more, but I could not imagine such a thing. The city is in an emergency,” Trieste Mayor Roberto Dipiazza told Reuters. And while the nation has been battling illegal invaders for decades, the number of people forcing their way into the country is unbelievable. Over 113,500 migrants entered Italy through the Mediterranean this year, compared with only 55,800 during the same period in 2022.

Meloni’s government raised the entry quota this year due to the birth rate shortage. People said she was far-right and extreme, but truth be told, she is another EU leader who falls into line. She became more lenient as soon as she was sworn into office. Her government is permitting 452,000 non-EU workers to enter Italy this year compared to the 83,000 permitted to enter in 2022.

Watch the videos flooding the internet and you will notice that there are barely any women or children. Why are military-aged men flooding all Western countries? Boats rushing to shore in quick succession is an old military strategy. Something is very, very wrong.