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TikTok Ban – WAR on Free Speech

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Congress cannot agree on anything other than dismantling the First Amendment. There is no greater threat to the establishment than the uncensored sharing of ideas. This week, 353 members of Congress voted to ban TikTok to “protect our data.” Unlike any major issue facing the country, it took Congress a mere eight days to implement this ban, with an astounding 81% in favor of removing the platform.

As Robert F. Kennedy Jr. accurately states, NATIONAL SECURITY is the ruse they use every single time when the government permanently removes one of our freedoms and usurps more power. They never give us back the freedoms we relinquish. Kennedy quoted his father’s favorite author, Albert Camus, “The welfare of the people is always the alibi of tyrants, and it provides the further advantage of giving the servants of tyranny a clear conscience.”


Hippocrit Joe Biden himself recently signed up for the TikTok platform but received minimal following due to his waning support with Gen Z and Millennials. “It’s the digital public square,” Kennedy explained, as people have gravitated toward the platform in recent years as it was one of the last frontiers of free speech.

There is absolutely no reason that Congress cannot address security concerns on the backend. I can assure you that the majority of voting members have NEVER utilized the platform and likely cannot attach a PDF to an email. They all agreed to ban free speech and did not need any additional information. Remember the last TikTok Congressional hearing? The questions were completely asinine and showed that the voting members had no understanding of the platform.

Small businesses have been using TikTok to grow their companies. De-platformed individuals have used it as a way to share their ideas, mere ideas, as thoughts alone threaten government. Politicians like RFK have been using TikTok to speak out against the establishment as the mainstream news refuses to cover the majority of what he and others have to say, as their donors would never allow it. There are restrictions in place on the app for material that does actually present a danger to the public, but Congress refused to look into the matter.

A local Christian radio station constantly runs ads saying that they need private donations to avoid large advertisers who will control what they can and cannot air. That is yet another reason why I offer this complimentary blog, free of advertisements or third-party interference. I have turned down countless offers over the years because I will not risk my voice, and I am not motivated by money.

I commend Kennedy for always making clear arguments without bashing his political opponents. This man deserves more coverage than he receives, and he does have quite a large following on social media platforms such as TikTok, where he is permitted to speak freely. RFK is honest and does not play partisan political games.


The First Amendment should not be prohibited for ANY reason. How many times has major American-owned corporations leaked your data in recent years? Every month there seems to be a new leak from a major corporation followed by a class action lawsuit where the victims are paid a few dollars and perhaps receive free credit monitoring. The people should own their data NOT the government.

When has 81% of our Congress agreed on anything? They see the people speaking to one another and collaborating without government intervention. Our elected officials have not made progress on any measure in years and routinely shutdown because they simply cannot have bipartisan debates. The Senate couldn’t even pass a measure as neutral as the Daylight’s Savings bill for crying out loud. These leeches on society sit in office until the day they die, receiving a hefty salary paid for by the American people which is a mere fraction of what they receive from insider trading and lobbyists who influence the policies they implement on the entire nation.

Government tyranny is rising because they see that they are losing control of the narrative. The First Amendment and our ability to freely communicate with one another is swiftly vanishing.

We are looking at options outside the Socrates private blog to avoid these tyrannical censorship bills and will likely make an announcing in the coming weeks.