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Why The Sudden Move to Ban TikTok? Congress Wages War on Free Speech

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@doctoryoun Now is the time to fight the ban on TikTok. Contact your senators and house members, sign the online petition, and encourage your fave influencers to fight too! #savetiktok #keeptiktok #tiktokban ♬ original sound – Anthony Youn, MD

TikTok is more than dance videos. It has become a community where people can share their uncensored ideas on various topics—including ones that go against the government’s agenda. The House Energy and Commerce Committee grilled TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew for hours on Thursday and made it very apparent that our Congress is completely oblivious to how technology works. Facebook, Meta, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, and nearly all other social media platforms have been infiltrated by the government and are HEAVILY CENSORED. We may soon see the day when Americans are forced to use a VPN.

Why is Joe Biden acting fast to ban TikTok? Inflation is running rampant and he only passes legislation to worsen the problem. It took him 72 hours to even respond to the bank failures. Biden barely flinched over the train derailment and contamination of drinking water across the nation. He has done absolutely nothing to protect our borders, which is contributing to human trafficking, high taxes, and the fentanyl crisis. Suddenly Biden is acting fast to ban an application that he likely has never used.

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It is not about privacy from the Chinese government. TikTok is not even available in mainland China as their version is heavily censored. TikTok is a subsidiary of ByteDance, a private company that is not owned by the Chinese government. About 60% of the company is owned by institutional investors, 20% is owned by the founder, and the other 20% is owned by employees. ByteDance has five board members and three of them are American. Their headquarters are in Singapore and Los Angeles, and they have 7,000 employees in the US.

@mosheh The @tiktok CEO was grilled for more than 5 hours on Capitol Hill March 23 as Democrats and Republicans took turns questioning #shouzichew about the power of the Chinese government over the app and user data. #tiktokban #capitolhill #congress #tiktokchina ♬ original sound – Mosheh Oinounou

Data has become more valuable than gold. TikTok is already planning to move all of its servers to Texas to appease lawmakers who fear security threats. The US government already has access to all of our data and controls what information we are able to learn. Congress DOES NOT represent the people and we desperately need term limits. North Carolina Representative Richard Hudson asked Shou Zi Chew if TikTok could access his home WiFi. One Congressman did not understand the facial filters that the kids use for fun. The people making our laws likely cannot operate their own phones.

The 150 million Americans using TikTok are not going to flock to government-sponsored apps produced by Zuckerberg. People have sent me videos on TikTok revealing news that cannot be found elsewhere, such as on-the-ground protests, footage from the ongoing war, declassified documents, and much more. Taking away this platform is a direct violation of our First Amendment rights. They are attempting to silence the people, and more importantly, they do not want us to know the truth. If we relinquish an inch of our freedom, they will continually fight for more.