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Is a 3rd Party Inevitable?

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Not one major news outlet carried Trump’s address on the fraud in the election. Every outlet swears there is no evidence of fraud as if they are even believable anymore. Trump expanded the base for the Republicans which included African Americans who saw through the propaganda as did Hispanics. Trump proved that lowering taxes created an economic boom which resulted in a shortage of labor that produced the lowest unemployment in history for African Americans. Even Keynes said to lower taxes to stimulate the economy but socialists reject that option. Yet others bought into the manipulation calling Trump a racist yet still the Democrats losing seats in the House. Never has one party gained in the House yet the incumbent president lost

The courts have refused to hear any case because they have surrendered also to the Deep State. Trump has few friends on Capitol Hill and he may be obsessed with fighting to pray for support on January 6th, this seems to be the way the cards have been dealt. True, the deck has been stacked. This is a coup against the very values of the United States and Joe Biden is probably not even aware of the full extent that they intend to control his presidency as well.


Already Biden made a huge mistake putting John Kerry in as Climate Czar who is in bed with Klaus Schwab. I find it ironic that when John F. Kennedy was elected some of the Protestant Republicans were claiming the Pope would then run the United States. This time, the United States will be deeply influenced by Klaus Schwab who is supporting the takeover of the United States by the United Nations. They are already imposing a soviet style apparatus for climate change at the UN in which all governments will be expected to surrender their sovereignty in order to save the planet. Perhaps this is what is needed to create the sharp rise in civil unrest as the sheep being to realize the lockdowns were really to reduce CO2 – not protect them from a virus with more than a 99% survival rate.



There is a major conspiracy theory emerging that the RV was not the source of the bomb but instead there was a drone attack to take out the facility which had connections with the Dominion Voting machine audit. This video suggests that the source of the explosion was not the RV and this is another move on the part of the Deep State to cover-up the manipulation of the election. I have no idea if this is true or not, but mainstream media is not showing this video as well and they are all putting out the same narrative that this man was a loner like Lee Harvey Oswald and Kennedy who was probably protesting against the 5G network. So he sacrificed his life for taking down 5G in a local area for 3 days? Unfortunately, when they lie about so many other things, then it results in people not believing anything they say – i.e. the boy who cried wolf.

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What I do know is that this virus has been greatly exaggerated for political purposes. Minnesota politicians are saying COVID deaths have been exaggerated by 40%.  I have warned that they have been aware of our model and its accuracy over the past 40 years. The fact that we were warning about the rise in civil unrest with the War Cycle, the Monetary Crisis Cycle, the collapse in Central Banks, how they have Manipulated the World Economy, and the Sovereign Debt Crisis all converging at the same time, that this is simply unprecedented and that the West would decline with the financial capital of the world moving to China post-2032. None of these forecasts have been my preferred vision for the future. Here we have IBM rolling out an APP whereby you will NOT be allowed to ever travel again without a vaccine.

3CMUSA Y 12 28 2020


I have warned that we have a major crisis in politics that goes far beyond the 2020 election. I have warned that it looks like the Democrats will split in 2022, but looking at our models on the Combined Congress (Senate & House), it appears that there is a revolution coming. The peak in 3rd Party activity took place in 1854 which was the precursor to the American Civil War. On January 4th, 1854, Senator Stephen Douglas introduced a bill that sparked major debates related to slavery issues which became the Kansas–Nebraska Act. It was on July 4th, 1854, when Henry David Thoreau delivered his famous speech against slavery calling for action against the injustice of slavery within the Union. Two days later, in Jackson, Michigan, the first convention of the Republican Party was held after the split. About 2 Pi cycles later, at 4:30 a.m. on April 12th, 1861, Confederate troops fired on Fort Sumter and less than 34 hours later, Union forces surrendered.


3CMUSA Y Array 12 28 2020

Electoral CFollege Biden Array


When we look at all our arrays on politics, it does not look good for 2022-2024. It appears that not merely will the Democrats Split, but it looks like the Republicans think they can get back to business as usual after ostracizing Trump and they are looking forward to getting rid of someone they never respected. We will see a small group of Republicans object to the Electoral College vote on January 6th. But it looks like the 3rd Party rising will be the disenchanted supporters of Trump who will even abandon the Republican Party for their treason.

Schwab Gates Soros

It appears that the failure of Republicans to support Trump will also be their undoing. It is looking more and more like a 3rd party will emerge which is against the establishment and this new Triumvirate trying to overthrow the United States and impose their agenda of a New Green World Order will indeed inspire a revolution.

Lenin Stalin

This Triumvirate and their coconspirators including BigTech, think that they can crush the economy, end commuting to reduce CO2, and rebuild the economy green after destroying small businesses and move shopping online while digital currencies eliminate traditional banking. They have failed to grasp even how the economy functions, but like Lenin & Stalin, they believe they can recreate the world economy to conform to their dreams. They will do the very same and restrict travel and reintroduce “papers please” to prevent people from gathering to rise up against their regime.

New Green World Order Plank

The longer it takes society to rise up against this tyranny, the less there will be left to return to. There is no way their New Green World Order will survive. They have failed to understand that what has created world peace is not a show of arms, but our consumer market. By destroying jobs, they have removed the one thing that created world peace – trade. As long as everyone benefited by selling to Americans, they would never bite the hand that feeds them. Destroy that consumer base and they destroy world peace.