2020 US Elections & Beyond


Here is the 2020 Election Forecast and Beyond. This is a special report that provides the Forecasting Arrays out for 12 years so this is not just the 2020 election which we have provided previously to only politicians and governments. The stakes were never this high before.

Here you will see firsthand why we have been concerned that the 2020 election will be the most corrupt in American history, and people are confused about what lies ahead. This report also illustrates why we have said that there is more concern about not Trump but what comes AFTER Trump and why elections may vanish post-2024. We are already observing some government drastic suspension of civil rights around the world claiming COVID and the Democrats have pushed for mail-in ballots also claiming it is far too dangerous to leave your home to simply vote. On top of that, we have a full blow in the open coup by social media to suppress the truth and push only Biden by Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Anyone can claim to have forecast the Trump victory in 2016 based on a gut feeling expressed logically for their reasons. Here the first four political models back in 2016 were all unanimous calling for a Trump victory – not my personal opinion. Only Socrates was able to forecast Trump’s victory years in advance and BREXIT. Neither was based on my personal opinion. The standard in the forecasts these days is one opinion against another. We have to move beyond that if we ever hope to see the future consistently.

This nearly 200-page report provides the models on both the prospects for Trump based on the popular vote as well as the Electoral College. Then you will find the forecasts for the combined Senate and House – Congress with the system models, technical analysis, and the cyclical Arrays. This is followed by specific sections for the Senate and Congress.

Then you will find all 50 states covered with the model forecasts for the outcome of each state.

This is the report we would provide to those in power for each election. Because of the seriousness of what we face on a political level globally, we are making this report available to everyone. Those attending the World Economic Conference in person or virtually need NOT purchase this report – it is included in your ticket price.