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Democrats Want Kennedy off the Ballot

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is a man of the people who has been fighting the corrupt system to remain on the ballots. The mainstream media refuses to cover Kennedy’s ideals or policies. A simple Google search for the presidential candidate yields asinine results with no correlation to his candidacy. Since he announced his presidential ambitions, the right and left have been attempting to banish him from the ballots. Yet, the Democratic National Committee is actively engaging in what Kennedy has termed “lawfare” to prevent the people from having an alternative to Joe Biden.

We the people are granted the Constitutional right to choose our representatives. If they believed he’d receive little support, the establishment would let the people decide if they prefer RFK Jr. this November. The left has been brutally harsh in banishing Kennedy, originally a Democrat, from running for office. Trump was also originally aligned with the Democratic Party until it catapulted to the far-left. The Biden Administration refused Kennedy security detail early on in his campaign and they are afraid to admit that his support has grown from a grassroots level as the mainstream media simply will not give RFK Jr. a platform.

Both sides fear that Kennedy may sway undecided and moderate voters. “Left isn’t better. Right isn’t better. Better is better,” has been his slogan. Kennedy is now battling the Democratic National Committee in court simply to stay on the ballot. Individual states have also been attempting to erase the third party option. The corrupt New York judiciary system accused Kennedy’s campaign of forging signatures and engaging in fraudulent activity with no proof aside from two alleged witnesses. The same two plaintiffs filed numerous complaints against Kennedy’s campaign with the New York Board of Elections.

(Above is an ABC interview from one year ago. The biased journalist introduces RFK Jr. in a hostile manner by first stating that he is spreading misinformation about vaccines. Then ABC edited his interview by claiming they needed to censor him further.)

In New Jersey, the Democrats believe that the people should not have Kennedy as an option since he switched parties. Attorney Scott Salmon personally filed a case against the campaign, claiming that since he initially ran as a Democratic, that he is ineligible to run for president at all. Salmon says he violated the “sore loser law” that prevents anyone who loses a primary from running for office. Kennedy never lost a primary as an Independent, but the wordsmiths are sifting through the loopholes. Nevada, Delaware, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and countless other states are actively working to prevent the public from having a third-party option. The majority of these legal battles are directly funded by Democratic super PACs aligned with the DNC.

(Kennedy speaking further about being censored and villianized by both the right and left)

Kennedy has called these baseless accusations “lawfare,” as the Democratic Party is clearly working to eliminate all opposition. Joe Biden allegedly received more votes than any president in US history, and yet, the establishment fears what may happen if the people had another viable choice for president. Trump has a base of loyal supporters, while Biden is primarily backed by people who dislike Trump.

2024 Winning Ticket Trump Kennedy

Kennedy has what it takes to be president. A Trump-Kennedy ticket would be brilliant but the VP position would be a potential waste of his talents. Kennedy would rapidly drain the swamp if appointed as Trump’s Attorney General as he’d restore the Department of Justice to its original purpose. Yet, Kennedy certainly deserves a platform to speak his views and the chance to run for president. WE THE PEOPLE should have the opportunity to select our next president rather than the lawyers and wordsmiths in the establishment who believe we are not worthy of our basic rights.