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Deep State Using Discredit Strategy to Drive Trump from Office to What End?

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QUESTION: With Bob Woodward joining the plot to overthrow Trump, do you think he can survive?


ANSWER: No. Woodward says he recorded all his interviews. I do not see him as just making this up with a personal opinion. That does not say what he has been told is true. It is unlikely that what Woodward was told was the truth. This is the Deep State. Nobody would take a job in the White House and then deliberately undermine the administration. This is somehow connected to other efforts and is not wholly independent. Woodward may be a pawn in a larger game here to overthrow Trump – he just does not know the game behind the curtain. He thinks this is like trying to investigate Nixon and reliving his past. Sorry, it’s not that simple anymore.

As said before, the prevailing view behind the curtain was that Kennedy was assassinated by the CIA because he would not authorize a Vietnam War. He was angry about their failure in Cuba. When the Soviet Union fell, files became available. A memo from December 1st, 1966 reported that the Russians believed there was a plot to assassinate Kennedy from within the U.S. government. Today, the Democrats want to invade Russia because they released Hillary’s genuine emails. Back then, Oswald was blamed on Russia but nobody called for war as they do today.

Many people saw the Warren Report on the Kennedy Assassination as a cover-up. To remove Trump, I seriously doubt they would take that approach. That means the only way to remove Trump is to discredit him to such an extent that they can somehow justify invoking the 25th Amendment for they might not be able to even prove a case in a public trial in the Senate for impeachment given that Trump would probably press all the way. They do not have the evidence of Russian collaboration so Mueller is prosecuting people for taxes and anything he can find other than what he was appointed to investigate.

If we assume what Woodward was told was exaggeration or lies to turn him into an unwitting pawn in this chess game, then with the New York Times publishing the anonymous Op_Ed (Extremely unusual), seems to be connecting the dots that there is really a very serious coup to overthrow Trump taking place behind the curtain. Perhaps they will try to put together a case that he should just resign or be replaced under the 25th Amendment since there is no proof of a conspiracy with Putin. They cannot risk a public trial in the Senate on this Russian nonsense. They do not want to assassinate him. That leaves murdering him through a fake accident by car or plane. An assassination would make him a hero and they would hate the idea of a $1 coin with Trump on it.

The Kennedy assassination cleared the way for the Vietnam War. Is the Deep State trying so hard to remove Trump to launch a war with Russia? That is appearing more and more the drive behind this strange internal coup against Trump. You have to also understand that Trump is an outsider, but the people who took positions in the White House were career bureaucrats. I even knew some who went for interviews for key roles so I am not making speculation or an opinion. I even spoke to people who were interviewed to work in the White House. The interviews were career Republican bureaucrats part of the very “swamp” Trump promised to drain. The way the Democrats are acting with this hatred of Russia makes it seem they want war because their weapons are warning expiration label – “Best used before 2020.”

Pinkerton AlanWe have not seen such political intrigue since the Civil War. Ironically, despite calling Trump a racist, the only President who inspired such violence and hatred on the same level as Trump was Abraham Lincoln who was not merely an outsider, but he was someone intent on changing the economic structure of government – also draining the swamp. Lincoln also faced a deep swamp of political intrigue and corruption and plots to assassinate him.

The issues between Trump and Lincoln are not the same on the surface. Oh, there will immediately be people that get angry at that statement and say Lincon was the emancipator. Forget the slogans. You need to pick up the rug and look closer. Did the South just want to oppress blacks or was there money at stake? We are talking about labor costs! What is the same between Trump and Lincoln is that both wanted to change the system for different reasons.

There is nothing that Trump has done that would threaten national security. This plot against Trump in part is about keeping the trade agreements in place for you will find too many hidden links to people who like things as they are. There are American manufacturers who do not want to bring jobs back because of pensions and healthcare benefits are far too disruptive and costly. This contributes to the trend for replacing pension hungry union workers with robots. Some just prefer their overseas manufacture because taxes in the USA are far from stable. Trump lowers taxes and as soon as the Democrats retake the White House, they rise again. This is not a stable economic environment in which to make long-term business plans.

In the case of Lincoln, there were so many death threats against him they stopped counting. Ending slavery would ALSO drive the cost of labor higher in the South. The security concerns with Lincoln led to the hiring of a detective who could pose as a Southerner to infiltrate the conspiracy that was developing to kill Lincoln before he was sworn in on his way to Washington. That man was Allan Pinkerton who wrote that “opposition to Mr. Loncoln’s inauguration was most violent and bitter.” The South looked at ending slavery from an economic perspective not so different than companies who do not want to bring overseas jobs back to America for similar reasons today.

Bolsonaro of BrazilIn Brazil, the man leading the Polls they call the Trump of Brazil has encountered the same response. The opposing forces just attempted an assassination to stop him from changing the system. Jair Bolsonaro will survive, but he was the leading candidate in Brazil’s presidential elections. He was stabbed during a campaign rally last week. There are many people who are beginning to emerge around the world who have been inspired by Trump to upset the establishment. Taking down Trump may also have an important message to others who think they can change the system.

I do not know how, but it seems I strangely end up knowing so many people in all the key places. Trump would not agree to such a move to wage war on Russia. The meeting of Trump Jr with the Russians at Trump Tower was a rouse promising dirt on Hillary. The main purpose was to inform Trump that there were Americans who interfered in the Russian 2000 elections and tried to blackmail Yeltsin after convincing him to steal money from the IMF loans.

The New York Times reported: “Prosecutors with the United States attorneys’ offices in Manhattan and Brooklyn noted that the money laundering scheme at the Bank of New York involved unlicensed transmissions of about $7 billion that originated in Russia, passed through American accounts, and then moved into other accounts worldwide.” They further reported that the money was the result of “possible corruption among Russia’s business elite and officials of the Kremlin.” (NY Times, 

Hermitage Capital Wikipedia 1024x101

James Comey Armstrong Case

TR No Restitution 1024x168

HSBC Gag Cover 791x1024Now, to further all of these coincidences, one of the lawyers involved in the Trump Tower meeting was Scott Balber, who also worked on my case.  Who was the US Attorney on my case? James Comey. Now to really make it interesting, during April 2000 there was a Reverse Proffer session between me and the prosecutor Richard Owens. Owens had the audacity to say we know you didn’t steal any money but we won’t drop the charges. We will release you if you just plead to a conspiracy with Edmond Safra was his offer. Since the only way to get $1 billion out of a bank is to write a check or wire the money out, I said no shit!. That’s why the bank had to plead guilty and repay the money. The bank stole the money and I had no restitution. They had even the audacity to impose a completely illegal GAG ORDER on me to prevent me from helping my clients against the bankers. Lawyers cannot believe that one. There is just no rule of law in New York City. They will do whatever it takes to protect the bankers. It is just beyond corruption – it is outright treasonous.

I then said there was no way I would agree to say I was in league with a conspiracy with Safra and the New York bankers. I laid the whole thing out about the attempt to blackmail Yeltsin and why the prosecutors could not get past the Minister of Interior of Russia to trace the money. I said absolutely no way I would put my family at risk saying I had anything to do with Safra.  They would not go to trial fearing what I knew and they would not drop the charges and admit they made a mistake. So until I got into the Supreme Court, it became just a Mexican standoff. They tried to kill me, but I was in the hospital in a coma for three days and to their shock I survived.

CNN had even confirmed that the money was stolen from the IMF and later that was completely dropped and they pretended the money was a ransom for a Russian businessman.

CNN Russian money laundering probe widens – Aug. 26, 1999

CNN Theft of IMF Money – Sep. 1, 1999

CNN BNY dismisses second exec in fraud case – Sep. 2, 1999

Docket Sheet Sealed 2013 1024x387

Everyone is supposed to be entitled to a FAIR and PUBLIC Trial. Judge Lawrence McKenna was doing his best to protect me. The government went to the Chief Judge and had him order to take my case away from Judge McKenna and handed it to Judge John F. Keenan. I am supposed to have the right to object which I was denied. Then the government sealed my docket sheet so neither I nor the public will ever know what they said even as late as 2013. I believe all of these sealed documents go directly to the Russian connection. I can only suspect that they pulled the National Security card out because they could never allow me to get on the stand and reveal the entire Russian connection. What is on this blog is not the mainstream press. When it makes the nightly news, then you have the Senate investigations.



Now if you really think everything is a coincidence, I do not know what to say. Trump clearly knew what took place in 2000 because he was briefed. This is why the Deep State is so desperate to drive him from office. Trump stood there and knew what Putin wanted. There was no surprise. Look at Trump’s face when Putin asks to interrogate Americans. Then the Senate strangely passes a unanimous (98-0) resolution that Putin cannot interrogate any American. CNN spins this as Trump supports Putin. So is the glass half full or half empty? Why can Mueller demand to question Russians but somehow Russians are so dishonest they cannot question Americans? What are they hiding? Very Strange.

Senate Resolution 584 to Deny Putin to Interrogate Americans 1024x613

The resolution was brought by three Democratic Senators: Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, New Jersey’s Bob Menendez, and Hawaii’s Brian Schatz. Chuck Schumer is, of course, protecting New York City and the same people I faced and he protects the banks. Menendez was indicted on corruption charges. Who was President in 2000 when this manipulation into the Russian elections was staged? Bill Clinton. Putin also named besides Bill Browder, Ambassador Michael Anthony McFaul to Russia who served as the United States Ambassador to Russia from 2012 to 2014 during the Obama Administration. Very curious that Chuck Schumer would rally to protect anything from the Democrats.

If the Democrats were hacked by the Russians, there are no allegations that the Russians altered any email or manufactured any of the information that came out. Did Chuck Schumer organize this resolution to prevent any evidence that Democratic Administrations attempted to interfere in Russian elections? If there is nothing to hide, then let Putin question and in return Mueller gets to question Russians. Why the smoke-screen?



Now watch Browder the night before the Putin meeting. Why did Fox even ask him to be on to comment about a President meeting with Putin? Why is Browder trying to keep the negative image of Russia? He knew what Putin would ask for to interrogate him? There have been those who alleged that it was Browder who had Magnitsky killed in a Russian prison because he would give Putin the evidence of who was behind the plot to blackmail Yeltsin. Some have alleged that Browder agreed to work with the CIA to avoid tax charges. Nobody seems to know the truth behind that curtain. Why would Browder go on TV as a “FORMER” American who resigned his American Citizenship to avoid taxes appear to speak out against a US president meeting with Putin when he is no longer an American, to begin with?

Trump is being driven from office because he is an outsider, but he seems to stand in the way of a higher agenda as did Kennedy and Vietnam. Between the New York Times OP_ED and Woodward’s book, it seems that the bureaucrats are out to drive Trump from office using the discredited strategy rather than a fake assassination that nobody really believes. Of course, they can stage the classic fake accident by plane or car. Interesting food for thought.

I suppose we will see if they remove Trump and we suddenly go to war history will repeat. Yes, they are working night and day to drive Trump from office. This is why I am deeply concerned about what comes AFTER Trump. There are way too many people working together from every possible angle to remove him from office. They get the fools to cheer but they may be crying later. There is an agenda here that is not exposed and the press will never protect the people or the nation any more.