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Canada Turns Conservative

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It appears that all of the globalist, BUILD BACK BETTER leaders are falling out of favor. The latest polling data from Abacus Data indicates that Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government are experiencing a significant decline in public support. The left has become so extreme with government spending, leading to further taxation, that many in the middle are leaning toward the right.

The survey, conducted between Jan. 4 to 9 with a representative sample of 1,500 Canadians, reveals that the Conservatives, led by Pierre Poilievre, have gained momentum, while the Liberals are facing some of their worst-ever levels of support. This sentiment was prevalent among all demographics. Only 25% of women say they would support the Liberals or Trudeau, while 37% say they’re prepared to back the Conservatives. Young voters 18 to 29 are also leaning to the right, as the Conservatives have secured the favor of 32% of young voters trailing NDP with 28% and the Liberals at 18%.

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The findings show that 58% of Canadians disapprove of the current federal government, and only 41% would consider voting for the Liberals, marking a new low for the Trudeau administration. The people simply cannot afford politicians who routinely favor international policies over domestic ones. Citizens are tired of watching these politicians ship off their tax dollars to foreign nations as the problems in their own country remain ignored.

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Everyone knew Klaus Schwab was pulling the strings. Justin Trudeau was a prime pupil, the poster boy among his Young Leaders. It turns out that every policy that favors the WEF/Build Back Better/globalist agenda DOES NOT BENEFIT THE PEOPLE. Trudeau was able to skirt past countless scandals until recently when he began acting as a dictator, imposing martial law, and censoring all opposition. Everyone overlooked his flaws when they were economically sound. But now, Canadians are struggling to keep up with the cost of living and do not want the country to remain on the same course. Removing Trudeau in favor of Freeland may worsen the situation, and people are simply leading the Liberal Party for representatives who put Canada first.