The Sunshine Protection Act

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The US Senate unanimously voted for the Sunshine Protection Act to maintain daylight saving time. Finally, lawmakers realize policies implemented decades ago are no longer serving us. The tradition of changing the clocks back and forth began in 1918 in a failed attempt to conserve energy by limiting daylight hours.

This is welcome news to everyone who had to wake up in the dark cold only to go home in the same conditions without ever seeing the sun. Perhaps this law should have been passed amid the pandemic when doctors urged people to maintain healthy, active lives and stressed the importance of vitamin D.

“One has to ask themselves after a while: Why do we keep doing it?” Senator Marco Rubio said, adding, “The majority of the American people’s preference is just to stop the back-and-forth changing.” It is refreshing to hear a person in a position of power finally questioning our antiquated laws that serve no one. If the bill finds its way to Biden’s desk, the new law will go into effect in November 2023. Let’s hope more antiquated laws arrive on the Senate floor.