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The Lucrative Career or Lies, Deceit, & Fraud

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Being a politician is a business. They are, for the most part, concerned only about themselves and will always vote to raise taxes because they benefit the establishment, as the Clintons can verify. Some leverage their political capital by striking golden contacts while in office and selling influence derived from their power that is typically funneled through their families.

Others take a successful political career and enter the private sector, landing board positions and pretending to be consultants when they can only advise on how corrupt politics works; not the real world. Some turn to the media and land on TV, commentating sports, radio shows, or getting big bucks from book deals. Then there is the speaking circuit. Goldman Sachs paid Hillary for influence wrapped in a speaking engagement when she knows nothing of value for the private sector.

At the end of the day, being a successful politician is a highly lucrative business. Most leave office with many millions of dollars in their pocket while exempting themselves from any real prosecution for conflicts of interest, selling influence, or outright fraud.