Public Confidence Continues to Wane – United in Disgust

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Public confidence is continuing to decline, according to a recent poll from the Trafalgar Group partnered with the Convention of States Action. The survey conducted in December recorded responses from 1,076 Americans who seem to be concerned that society is completely in a state of decay. Question one: “Do you believe American society and culture is in a state of decay or a state of progress?” An alarming 76.8% of respondents reported that they believed society was in a state of decay, 9.8% felt society was progressing, and 13.4% were unsure.

Confidence is declining on both ends of the political spectrum: 61 percent of Democrats, 85.9 percent of Republicans, and 81.8 percent of No Party/Other reported that they believed the country was decaying.

“Americans have always been fueled by hope and optimism, and now are united in disgust. Our leaders in Washington, DC are setting the tone, and clearly we need dramatic changes there in both parties in the next election,” Mark Meckler, president of the Convention of States Action group, stated. “United in disgust” certainly describes the way the world feels. The “leaders” in DC have abandoned the people as we go on to year three of the COVID power grab. Unemployment is down, wages are up, but inflation is so high that the average person is scraping by. The rules constantly change, and society at large has been pushed to a psychological breaking point by governments.

Our model indicates that this private wave will continue for years to come before peaking in 2032. Government has lost the public’s trust entirely. This is why I say their Build Back Better agenda will not succeed, for the people are beginning to realize that the “new norm” is an unacceptable way of life.