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Military Thinning Due to Mandate

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The Marine Corps reportedly discharged 103 Marines for not taking the mRNA vaccine. The highest refusal rate among the military branches, 10,000 Marines may now be discharged from the service. Around 5,700 Air Force and Space Force troops are not vaccinated.  Over 6,200 Army troops have received temporary exemptions, but 3,900 remain unvaccinated. The Navy and National Guard pushed back their vaccine mandates until June. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said that there is still an opportunity for troops “to do the right thing.”

The Defense Department admittedly has no idea what impact this will have on the US military at large. Kirby admitted that they are simply hoping the men and women who risk dying for their country will “do the right thing” and put their lives at risk once again.  “I just don’t think we’re at a point now where we can draw a line and say, ‘OK, this is exactly what impact the separations are having on the force,’” Kirby said. “I just don’t know that we’re there yet because there are still opportunities here for people to do the right thing.”

Senator Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma has attempted to stop the vaccine mandate for troops. “I believe we should suspend the vaccine mandate until the Department of Defense can answer basic questions about the impact the mandate will have on the total force,” Senator Inhofe of Oklahoma stated to US News. “I have yet to receive a response.” The mandate is a potential risk to national security. The military elites know what will happen if they lose tens of thousands of troops but they’re willing to put the country at risk to promote the larger agenda.