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Is Canada Preparing for War?

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Canada has made it drastically harder to apply for citizenship. The curious issue is the bottom-line concerning the military. There never was a fast track in Canada if you served in their military. All of a sudden, they are now creating a fast track if you serve in the military after increasing the time requirement by 50%. Canada never beefed up its military. This is clearly a total change in direction.

Additionally, this is reflecting what I have warned. Turn the economy down and there is a rise in civil unrest. The domestic population ALWAYS turns against immigrants, no matter what country we look at. The standard view is to blame them for taking jobs when jobs become scarce.

So why is Canada beefing up their military? Are they planning to invade Syria? It may be more along the lines of rising civil unrest that they are concerned about like everyone else when the promises go bust.


Now comes the drive to collect more and more taxes. To even be eligible for Canadian citizenship, you must have met your personal income tax filing obligations in four taxation years that are fully or partially within the six years immediately before the date you apply. So no citizenship if you do not pay income taxes. That was NOT a requirement before. In other words – SHOW ME THE MONEY!