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Florida Accounted for One-Third of US Job Growth During Q3

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Florida is leading the nation in job growth due to eased tax laws and COVID restrictions. Florida alone added 579,000 jobs during 2021, representing a 5.8% uptick in new jobs. In contrast, the national average has been a muted 0.5%. As of October, Florida consistently attracted new labor in the private sector for 18 consecutive months. In Q3 alone, the Sunshine State accounted for over one-third of all new jobs created in the US.

Businesses and employees know that they will not be forced to close due to another lockdown. They won’t be forced to banish customers from entering their establishments. Workers will not have to act as security guards, enforcing face masks or vaccine passports. Protections have been put in place to protect workers from losing their jobs if they refuse the experimental vaccine. Additionally, Florida does not steal state income taxes from worker salaries, and property taxes are significantly lower than other states.

Governor Ron DeSantis has actively recruited fired police officers and underpaid truckers. He vowed to open various ports in the state to open around the clock to combat the supply chain crisis. DeSantis has set an example to other states on how to attract business and expand the workforce by choosing the state’s economy over the broader COVID agenda.