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The Migrant Crisis – You Ain’t Seen Nuffin Yet!

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We have a monumental crisis with the migrants, for we know that Middle East terrorists have already entered thanks to Biden’s look-the-other-way policy. The proposal Republicans are pushing is that migrants would also be ineligible for asylum if they have been convicted of felonies or other “serious crimes,” including DUI or certain drug offenses.

The Republicans have called for codifying the so-called “remain in Mexico” policy first enacted under former President Donald Trump. Anything the Trump did, Biden reversed regardless of its credibility or not. Trump’s policy required migrants to stay in a neighboring country while they await decisions from U.S. officials.

New York City is in crisis. They are buying bus tickets and taking migrants to Canada. All of this is because of Biden’s open border policy. We have yet to see the crisis from this policy thus far.