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CNN Neither the Most Watched nor the Most Trusted News

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I was on a rather high-level phone call to Asia. The commentary turned to Trump and CNN. Here the opinion from outside the country was that Trump was doing a very good job. He has started a renegotiation of trade and he is the first president to take a hardline position against North Korea which has brought results for the first time. The comment on CNN, which is the primary news source outside the USA about the USA, was that they were degrading themselves and are no longer regarded as actual newsworthy. They said all CNN does is bashes Trump and they are worthy of the label “FAKE NEWS” and this is coming from non-political sources in Asia who were skeptical about Trump, to begin with.

The CNN slogan has been “Most Watched. Most Trusted” which is now clearly false. Fox News in the USA has more viewers than CNN and internationally it has destroyed its reputation as a “news” channel by turning it into a giant propaganda machine. Yet the most serious damage CNN has ushered in is demonstrating that you have to be out of your mind to dare to want public office going forward. CNN has lowered the standard so far that there is not a human being alive who could withstand some scrutiny of their past and have it distorted for the headlines.

This entire process of any lack of respect that CNN has adopted because they prefer Hillary is destroying politics forever. Who will want to come to an office to help the country if you have to go through their news gauntlet? CNN has really destroyed our future because they are now the greatest deterrent to good people coming in to save the day, which is not a statement that Trump is a good or bad person, but a reflection of the future litmus test for any public leader.