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80% of People Taking Maderna Vaccine Had Significant Side-Effects

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I have warned that there is a legal precedent for mandatory vaccinations which dates back to a 1905 Supreme Court case Jacobson v. Massachusetts after a smallpox outbreak in Massachusetts. But this vaccine is like nothing before. It is not the typical vaccine built on the virus. This is a RNA vaccine never before used. In any state that is going to make it mandatory, you should pack your bags and leave. This virus has a better than 99% survival rate. We need to see what happens to these people taking the vaccine and that will take one year in my opinion to see what it is really going to do.

Let’s see if Norah O’Donnell of Seattle CBS retains her job for asking Gates a real question are the vaccines safe. CNN would never ask such a question! Anyone who waves his hands around like that I would never believe. The Imperial College which started the lockdowns on the recommendations of their bogus model by Neill Ferguson is in bed with Schwab’s World Economic Forum. Gates is the #1 supporter of the WHO. Absolutely everyone involved in this pandemic is connected to Schwab and Gates.

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Vaccinating the entire world is IMPOSSIBLE and at best vaccines are only 60% effective according to the CDC, which Bill Gates also controls thanks to Fauci. We cannot even trust the FDA because nobody will investigate Bill Gates and look into his control of the FDA, which he also openly works with. So they are not trustworthy after rushing this vaccine out with no real independent testing. Who the hell ever allowed government agencies to accept money from private people and then pretend they are independent should be in prison for life.