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American Cops Resigning En Masse

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Being a police officer in America has to be one of the least appealing jobs in today’s day and age. After 2020 and the rise of the BLM movement, there were countless calls to defund police agencies. Officers in blue cities must sit idly and watch their hometowns burn because those in charge are light on crime, and no one wants to become the next target of a police brutality campaign. The people in power who they protect know this and are worried.

As civil unrest rises into 2024, US cops will be in the middle of a brewing civil war. A number of active police also serve in the military reserves, and I know of a few young men personally who have been called to serve overseas in lands surrounding Ukraine. As for those who remain on the force, the government will not allow them to have personal privacy.

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New Jersey implemented a new law requiring all officers to disclose their social media accounts to the government by 2024. They will also be required to disclose any organizations they are affiliated with, including religious groups. This will spread to other states as well because the government knows their cities will fall if the police side with the people who WILL protest and cause upheaval in the time leading up to the election.

Cops are resigning at a rapid pace. The NYPD, once a proud force, saw 3,701 cops leave the force in 2022. That marks the highest number of officers leaving the force since the 9/11 attacks. Philadelphia’s police force fell from 6,590 officers in 2019 to only 5,983 by 2022. The city of Philadelphia believes there will be less than 5,200 cops in the city by 2025. The Chicago Police Department lost 1,000 officers in 2022 and hundreds more are threatening to resign. This is happening across the US. Police Executive Research Forum, an independent think tank, reported that resignations rose 43% and retirements increased 24% from 2019 to 2022, and that number is growing.

Cops in NJ and elsewhere must also undergo a psychiatric evaluation, which seems reasonable. But why is the same not required for our government officials, especially the one with the nuke codes who is mentally incapacitated in all of his speaking engagements? Revolutions succeed when the police turn their backs on the government and side with the people. Governments then call in the military, but it is too late because they too will section off based on who they believe needs to be protected.