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Costa Rica Declares State of Emergency

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President Rodrigo Chaves of Costa Rica has declared a state of emergency, but not due to anything happening in his nation per say. People across the globe are passing through Costa Rica en route for the USA as the borders are open to all. Our president is not concerned, but other nations see the threat to national security this presents.

“The people that arrive are passing across Costa Rica trying to get to the United States, basically,” President Rodrigo Chaves stated. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) said that border crossings have increased 55% in one month alone, with 84,490 people passing through in August. Migrants are crossing the Darien Gap, a jungle terrain connecting the nation to Panama and Colombia. The IOM believes a quarter of a million people have made their way through this area in 2023. Worse, only 20% of those traveling are children, which means that the women are likely not traveling through either. This is a planned invasion of military-aged men.

The environmentalists are at a crossroads. The mass crossing through untouched land is harming the environment.

Biden met with Chaves in August to discuss the issue. Unfortunately, Biden could not tell Chaves that this is a deliberate attempt to destroy America from within and he has no intention of halting crossings. I also want to thank you for deepening our security cooperation, that’s one of my objectives, and I hope one of yours, including on organized crime,” our embarrassment of a president told Chaves. Biden’s policies are so dangerous that they have caused other countries to declare a state of emergency. Biden and Harris do not care about America.