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China’s Extreme Lockdown Measures

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The Chinese government is taking its zero-COVID, zero-freedom policy to a new extreme. Government workers are now locking people within their homes to prevent them from leaving. The press is not reporting on the cruelty of this lockdown. What if there were a fire or an emergency and people could not evacuate? This is NOT about safety or health.

Over 25 million people were initially told to quarantine for five days, but it has now been five weeks. The government has become a bit better at distributing food, but not by much. The rich fled when the opportunity presented itself, and everyone else remains under house arrest with only the bare essentials for survival. They are literally drilling doors closed from the outside to prevent people from leaving.

Suicide is on the rise in the lockdown area and there are countless stories of people jumping from highrises to their death. No one seems to care about the ongoing tragedy in Shanghai. Worse, no one seems to believe this could happen outside China.