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Elon Musk Partners with World Economic Forum

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I like Elon Musk for his innovative mind and willingness to speak out against the establishment. Is he part of the controlled opposition? I did not believe it to be true until his recent dealing with the World Economic Forum. Musk himself deemed the ESG policies of the WEF to be “satanic” only one year ago, but now, he has appointed a WEF board member to act as CEO of X.


X (formerly Twitter) is now part of the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM). The World Economic Forum states on its website that GARM will help the 3.8 BILLION internet users to sort through real vs fake news through censorship, taking on the role of judge and juror. “Together, [GARM] is collaborating with publishers and platforms to go more to address harmful and misleading media environments; and to develop and deliver against a concrete set of actions, processes and protocols for protecting brands,” the website notes.

Is this purely business? Ad revenue on X has decreased by half since Elon’s acquisition. X has been accused of allowing hate speech on disinformation to reach its 250 million daily active users. Its userbase has not increased in a meaningful way since Elon’s takeover in November 2022, far undermining Musk’s goal of 600 million daily active users by 2025.

X was one of the last social media platforms that did not censor its articles and it had become the number one social media platform used by world leaders to share messages instantaneously. TikTok now seems to be the final frontier for free speech, but the ban is pending, and many wrongly believe China is using it to collect user data. The globalists have ruined the internet, which was once an incredible medium for connecting people and ideas globally. One of my recent interviews with Palisades radio was removed from YouTube for “disinformation” regarding COVID-19, despite the fact that I was speaking from well-sourced content. The establishment does not want us to share the TRUTH. Free speech has been banned from cyberspace.